Mike McGahan

Mike McGahan is a CEO and realtor with more than 35 years of experience in the real estate business. He is the President and CEO of CLV Group Inc. and the CEO and Trustee of InterRent REIT.

Early life

Little is known about McGahan’s personal life, as he prefers to keep his family and personal dealings relatively private. What is known is that he has sons and a daughter that he shares a private family real estate business with.

It’s also known that he graduated from the University of Ottawa, earning his start working at Regional Realty as well as Levinson-Viner Ltd. In 1992, McGahan started his own company, called Cemmveso Property Management Inc. Eventually the company would merge with Levinson-Viner Ltd. and become CVL Group.


Mike McGahan is the CEO and Trustee of InterRent REIT, as well as the President and CEO of CLV Group. He has accumulated more than 35 years of experience in the real estate industry and has been recognized as a leader in his field.

Throughout McGahan’s career, he has bought, sold, financed and managed 300 properties that were valued at approximately over $8 billion. He gained much of his experience by organizing co-tenancies in the multi-residential class that saw significant returns. Currently, it’s reported that InterRent REIT manages about 14,000 apartments in Ontario, Quebec, and Vancouver. CLV Group manages about 2,300 apartments.

McGahan has been active in community involvement, which is part of both CLV Group and InterRent REIT’s core values. The companies have successfully raised funds to improve facilities and expand after-school programs for children at the Don McGahan Clubhouse (named after McGahan’s father) in Ottawa’s east end, as well as the Ron Kolbus Clubhouse in Ottawa’s west end.

“My father touched so many lives with his involvement in the community and it inspired me to do the same. Becoming a part of the communities we operate in means learning about the lifestyle and culture, but it also means trying to be actively a part of the community. As a business, it’s our responsibility to give back to the people in our community — giving back is also something we happen to enjoy. Building homes through Habitat for Humanity, providing snowsuits to children in need with the Snowsuit Fund, any way that we can better our communities and inspire others to do the same is part of our corporate culture at CLV Group,” McGahan said in an interview. “A big example was a golfing fundraiser that CLV Group hosted back in 2019. We named it The Mike McCann Memorial Charity Golf Tournament for a close friend of mine who passed away earlier that year. We enlisted dozens of golfers for the fundraiser, which ended up raising more than $1,000,000.00 for local charities this year in the middle of the pandemic. I was very proud of our Team to be able to pull this off and the great support we received throughout the community.”

Through dedication and commitment to serving the community, McGahan and his teams have been recognized as a positive example for their community. He also participates in multiple board activities with the Ottawa Hospital, where he was formerly involved with the Youth Services Bureau. He is currently the Director of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation and the Ottawa Hospital Campaign leader.

Net Worth

Information unavailable.


Mike McGahan, along with his teams at CLV Group and InterRent REIT, have supported multiple charities over the years, including the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Ontario and British Columia, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Ottawa Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity, Burlington Community Foundation, Sun Youth, Christie Lake Kids, Montreal Mission Brewery, Snowsuit Fund, Moose Hide Foundation, Easter Seals, Old Forge, Interval House Ottawa, and more.

Collectively, McGahan and his companies have raised over 5 million for local and national charities.