Greg Appelt

Greg Appelt is the CEO of Appelt Properties, a Toronto-based real estate firm.

Early life

Greg Appelt serves as the CEO of Appelt Properties, a comprehensive real estate development firm that he established in 2010. Headquartered in Toronto, ON and Kelowna, BC, the company specializes in overseeing the complete lifecycle of mixed-use residential and healthcare real estate projects across Canada.


As the visionary leader of Appelt Properties, Greg Appelt leverages his keen insights into market trends and a knack for identifying lucrative opportunities. A trained physician with a deep-seated passion for healthcare and residential real estate, Greg shapes the company’s approach and steers its strategic course.

Boasting a diverse portfolio exceeding 1 million square feet throughout Canada, Appelt Properties has rapidly achieved significant success under Greg’s guidance. The company, under Greg’s leadership, excels in all facets of real estate, encompassing development, construction, asset repositioning, and property management. Their reputation is built on consistently delivering top-notch projects punctually and within budget.

Greg’s professional journey is as extraordinary as the accomplishments of his company. Initially trained in medicine, he transitioned to real estate after being captivated by the field during a healthcare facility development project. Swiftly abandoning his stethoscope for a full-time role in property development and asset management, Greg Appelt and Appelt Properties now stand at the forefront of healthcare real estate and multi-family rental properties in Canada.

Net Worth

Greg Appelt’s net worth is not known at this time.


Appelt Properties Inc., a prominent player in the healthcare real estate sector throughout Canada, recently concluded the acquisition of a healthcare property portfolio consisting of nine buildings, with a total value of $94.3 million. These properties are strategically situated in Ontario and Alberta.

This noteworthy acquisition was accomplished in collaboration with Centurion Asset Management Inc. The portfolio encompasses seven properties in Ontario, totaling 280,000 square feet, and two properties in Alberta, totaling 77,000 square feet.