Ami Reiss (Amichai Reiss)

Ami Reiss (Amichai Reiss) is the founder of Reiss Management, which specializes in quality apartment rentals in Montreal and the suburb of Laval. In this role, his focus is to realize the maximum potential of each property by providing the greatest value to his tenants.

Early life

Ami Reiss grew up in Montreal, and learned the basics of real estate in the neighbourhoods of his diverse city. There, he attended grade school at Hebrew Academy and then went to Marianopolis CEGEP. Later, he enrolled in Yeshiva University in New York City, where he studied business and psychology.

As a Montreal native, Ami Reiss has accumulated a breadth of experience with all facets of the real estate experience, from renting to investing. Ami Reiss knows Montreal’s neighborhoods well, and its people. He knows what it’s like to apartment-hunt in a variety of market conditions. He knows what makes a rental complex great, from the perspective of a tenant and investor. And he knows that maximizing an investment requires a focus on superior building management.


In the Montreal real estate market, Ami Reiss has a command of real estate investment, property development and apartment management. Through his company, Reiss Management, he discovers unique opportunities in sought-after neighborhoods such as Laval, and manages rental properties in the metropolitan area and beyond.

Ami Reiss began his climb in the real estate industry by serving as the right-hand man of the founder and chairman of Divco, one of the most prominent construction companies in the province. During his tenure, he was the project manager for several high-profile projects, such as Palais des Congres in Montreal.

By 2009, Ami Reiss began making his own real estate investments. After his initial successes, his portfolio grew rapidly. By 2016 it was time to found his own company, Reiss Management.

The company seeks out real estate investment opportunities and acquires, manages and leases apartment rentals in Montreal, the suburb of Laval and across the province. Its top priority is creating homes that provide great quality of life for individuals and families.

Reiss Management places an emphasis on high-quality units at reasonable rates. Each rental building is located near an array of shops, attractions and services, making them ideal for all types of tenants. Reiss Management rentals are known for providing a high standard of living in a comfortable environment.

Ami Reiss is also a go-to resource for real estate professionals, investors, industry analysts and consumers.

For investors like himself, he provides insights and guidance on emerging opportunities. He understands what makes a real estate investment profitable, from the initial appraisal of a property to renovations and remodeling.

He is also an expert on best practices for building managers. He knows what makes a rental complex successful and desirable. He understands the fine details of building management, and the importance of a proactive approach to the role that anticipates issues and addresses them with efficiency and precision.

He is an expert in municipal and provincial regulations, lessee and lessor disputes, and tenants rights. He provides insights on what to look for when apartment-hunting, as well as advice on common pitfalls a prospective tenant should seek to avoid. He helps tenants evaluate rental units in terms of value and find a comfortable, quality rental.

Ami Reiss helps tenants understand the elements of a lease, including how to spot red flags in the fine print. He provides information that gives tenants the tools to protect their interests and ensure that their stay in a rental unit will be a happy one.

With such a broad base of knowledge about the fundamentals of property management and the needs and expectations of tenants, Ami is also a rich information source for landlords. He knows that landlords need accurate advice on how to navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements involved in the landlord-tenant relationship. Ami understands that even the slightest deviation from what the law requires can be costly for a landlord.


As he has achieved greater success in business, Ami Reiss has made a commitment to lift up his community and its people. As a result, he is an active supporter of many charities in Montreal and beyond, including:

  • Synagogues
  • Food banks
  • Schools
  • Federations
  • Medical organizations
  • Special needs charities