Jack Levy


Jack Levy is the driving force behind Grupo VEQ, a real estate development firm located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Levy spearheads the organization’s initiatives as both the Founder and President, focusing on various facets of property development, including construction, management, commercialization, and promotional activities.

Early life

Jack Levy is relatively private when it comes to his early life with his family, preferring to keep a low profile in terms of his childhood.


With an impressive track record of over two decades of successful development projects, CEO Jack Levy is a proven industry leader. His work can be seen across all parts of Mexico, including Guadalajara, Leon, Tulum, and Cancun.

Along with his team at Grupo VEQ, Levy is driven to enhance the quality of life for his clients. His team works tirelessly to maximize returns on investment for their partners and to foster sustained growth within the real estate development industry.

As CEO, Levy has made philanthropy a central tenet in Grupo VEQ’s operations. The organization provides invaluable support to KOKONE community kitchens, which are dedicated to supplying daily food assistance to 300 neighborhoods in Jalisco. This year, Grupo VEQ reaffirmed its commitment to help produce over 9,000 meal plans, showing its dedication to making a positive impact in society.

Grupo VEQ recently launched their “We Are All Mexico” campaign to assist over 300 children in the community of San Juan De Ocotán. The campaign’s objective is to raise 660 thousand pesos through the selling of t-shirts designed by Iván Amazar.

Net Worth

Jack Levy’s net worth isn’t publicly known.


Jack Levy is not only a successful entrepreneur, he continually contributes to several philanthropic efforts as a part of his greater mission to create better communities.