Gregor Jeffrey

Mexico City, Mexico

Gregor Jeffrey is a communications expert, professional consultant, and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Interpersonal Intelligence Institute, an organization dedicated to solving the complex interpersonal challenges faced by large organizations through the use of innovative and research-based methodologies. An award-winning public speaker, Gregor Jeffrey travels throughout North America delivering keynote speeches meant to clarify complicated topics such as cognitive diversity and metacognition.

Early life

Born and raised in Canada, Gregor Jeffrey spent his formative years attending school and fulfilling his familial responsibilities.


Jeffrey began his career in the Canadian defence industry. Soon after, he went to work in Silicon Valley, which eventually led to an offer of employment from General Dynamics, a global aerospace and defence contractor, to work as a Senior Strategy Consultant in their European division. In this role, he provided support for international teams working on multi-billion dollar programs for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Special Forces branch, among others.

However, his own challenges with communications caused him to rethink his career path and ultimately change its direction. Jeffrey started deeply researching the discipline of communications, eventually developing his own science-based method for helping not only himself, but others excel at clearly expressing their intentions and wishes in any setting.

In a video profile curated by the Interpersonal Intelligence Institute, Gregor Jeffrey speaks openly about how his own thorny history with conveying his desired meaning led him to his present career as a highly sought-after communications consultant. “I’m the unlikeliest of communications experts. My background isn’t in communication, and honestly, I struggle with it,” he remarks, before delving deeper into his past. “My background is actually working in the defence and aerospace sector. And although I was really good at my job, my communication challenges prevented me from truly enjoying a career that I was very passionate about. And this applies to a lot of people. In order to be the best versions of ourselves, we have to understand how to communicate so that we can be perceived the way we would like to be seen and heard. And that’s what I do. I help people understand that we can use neuroscience and cognitive research to speak in a way that is understood by everyone.”

In 2015, he created Jeffrey Strategic Inc. as a means of sharing his discoveries with the world. His wholly original ‘Presenting with Influence’ and ‘Writing with Influence’ workshops helped tens of thousands of business leaders and professionals overcome their neurological biases and immediately implement more effective communication habits.

Concurrent with the expansion of Jeffrey Strategic Inc., Gregor Jeffrey began making the rounds on the North American professional speaking circuit to spread his message. He spoke to audiences at major corporate summits, retreats, and conferences, garnering glowing reviews for his lectures. In 2017, he was given the Speaker of the Year Award by The Executive Committee (TEC). His 98.6% speaker rating from that organization is the highest score ever obtained.

As time went by, Jeffrey realized that Jeffrey Strategic Inc. needed to evolve in order to remain at the forefront of the communications sector. In 2021, together with his wife Michaela, he transformed it into the Interpersonal Intelligence Institute. The Institute’s stated mission is to apply its diverse knowledge and expertise to help professionals solve complex interpersonal challenges and reach their highest potential through research-based approaches.

After only three years of operations, the Interpersonal Intelligence Institute has achieved great success, boasting such top-tier corporate clients as Fidelity Investments, Starbucks, and Zillow, as well as nonprofits such as Kids Cancer Care and the YMCA, and professional associations such as the Human Resources Professionals Association and Baker Tilly, which is an international cooperative of chartered professional accounting firms. The Institute also works with academic institutions like the University of Alberta, the University of Ottawa, and Bow Valley College, as well as think tanks like the Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Project Management Institute, and government entities like the Auditor General of Alberta and the City of Calgary.

Gregor Jeffrey is a widely acknowledged expert on the subjects of cognitive diversity, metacognition, and the interplay between traditional human intelligence and emergent artificial intelligence. He is also a fierce advocate for human potential.

Gregor Jeffrey is a Canadian national currently based out of Mexico City, Mexico.

Net Worth



Liaising between the General Dynamics Corporation and the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Special Forces branch.
Founding Jeffrey Strategic Inc. in 2015, and devising the acclaimed ‘Presenting with Influence’ and ‘Writing with Influence’ workshops.
Receiving The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada’s Speaker of the Year Award in 2017, as well as a record 98.6% speaker score from that same organization.
Evolving Jeffrey Strategic into the Interpersonal Intelligence Institute in partnership with his wife in 2021, and quickly amassing many prestigious clients.