Bruce Rabik

Edmonton, Alberta

Bruce Rabik is the COO of Acera Insurance, a Canadian independent insurance brokerage with a network of over sixty offices across the country. He served as COO of Rogers Insurance for nearly twenty years and remained in that capacity when Rogers merged with CapriCMW to form Acera in 2022. Bruce Rabik is regarded as a prominent leader in the Canadian insurance industry, having provided successful strategic advice and instilling operational excellence for the nation’s largest insurance brokerage.


Bruce Rabik grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, attending Harry Ainlay High School and graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business in 1985. Rabik worked as an underwriter for Wellington Insurance in Edmonton for three years before becoming a Business Consultant with Trivest Insurance. Trivest was the first broker consolidator in Canada, and Rabik worked with brokerages across the country to combine strengths and expertise and build greater value. Rabik holds a Master of Science in Human Resources.

Bruce Rabik’s convictions about maintaining an independent spirit while building strong and loyal partnerships have been instrumental in maintaining the largest independent, employee-controlled brokerage in Canada. As COO, Rabik works with over 1,100 employees, about half of whom are employee-owners.

In 2002, Bruce Rabik created the Canadian Brokers Network, beginning with seven members including Rogers Insurance. The brokerages formed a partnership group to share best practices and support each other as trusted partners while pledging to remain independent and proudly Canadian. The CBN is now the largest network of independent brokers in Canada, with more than 100 offices, 2,000 employees and $2 billion in property casualty premiums.

Bruce Rabik says the network was founded when “many brokers started selling to de-risk”, due to the challenges of remaining independent. Rabik pushed for a larger presence with a vision of building a strong alliance of independent, employee-owned brokers with high standards for operational performance and excellence and a supportive network to encourage growth, innovation and success.

Bruce Rabik applied these principles of independence and excellence to his role with Rogers Insurance, where he was appointed COO in 2003. Rabik’s strategic vision drove the company’s expansion to markets across Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. As an executive, Rabik has become known as a trusted partner to hundreds of independent brokers, creating a strong sense of company culture and prioritizing initiatives aimed at employee empowerment and enhanced job satisfaction. Rabik’s team at Rogers won more top employer awards than any other insurance company in the country.

Rabik has continued this culture of growth and independence as COO of Acera. His leadership has focused on maintaining local perspectives and a sense of face-to-face trust and community, demonstrated through fair dealings and a straightforward approach to negotiations.

Rabik has become an advocate for continued Canadian independence within the insurance industry, speaking out against the encroachment of non-Canadian competitors in the insurance industry. As COO, he has proudly protected Acera’s identity as one of only two brokerages that are completely Canadian-owned.

Rabik has sought out mentoring roles to help develop a new generation of insurance professionals. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and academic institutions, sharing lessons and experiences from his decades-long career as COO of one of Canada’s most prestigious brokerages. He is also an active participant in industry associations and advocacy for the insurance sector.

As a leader, Rabik emphasizes a “Put People First” philosophy, and he extends that value to creating partnerships between Acera and national charities and non-profits working in areas such as health and mental wellness, animal welfare and veterans care. Rabik encourages company-wide fundraising, sponsorships, direct donations and volunteering.

Bruce Rabik’s professional journey is a testament to his passion for preserving the values of the Canadian insurance industry through an unwavering dedication to serving his clients and their communities.


During Bruce Rabik’s tenure as COO of Rogers Insurance:

The company received multiple awards, including recognition as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers and Alberta’s Top 70 Employers year after year.
62.5 percent of the executive team were women
Over 50 charity initiatives supported across Canada
Instituted a “Dream Program” where four employees are rewarded annually with up to $10,000 each to realize a once-in-a-lifetime experience.