Nathan Garries

Edmonton, Alberta

Nathan Garries, CFP®, EPC®, CIWM®, FCSI®, is an experienced Canadian Certified Financial Planner/ Certified International Wealth Manager with Beyond Business Financial Solutions Inc. and an Investment Representative with Quadrus Investments. He lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta.

Early life

As a third-generation financial professional, Nathan Garries learned the basics of investing, saving, risk and reward in the home, and at a very young age. His parents made sure that financial literacy was a daily lesson.

In those early years, anything related to money was a lesson in value, stewardship and judgment. From management of his basic allowance to purchasing decisions in the toy aisle, young Nathan steadily acquired core skills in financial literacy. By age 18 Nathan and his sister were active stock investors, with eclectic portfolios.


Certified Financial Planner Nathan Garries believes in a comprehensive approach to wealth management, applying his experience to situations along life’s continuum, from planning for a new family to saving for college to ensuring a comfortable retirement and choosing smart estate planning strategies.

Nathan looks beyond the numbers to see the unique goals and needs of each client — helping individuals and families to reach for their dreams and achieve security, prosperity and peace of mind.

He designs each financial plan with an eye to the individual preferences of a client, from the cautious investor to the aggressive market player. He provides timely counsel about risks and opportunities, as well as insights about companies ranging from blue chips to lesser-known startups with promising earnings potential.

Nathan Garries is also experienced in estate planning, and is a recognized provider of Estate at Ease™, a program from Canada Life that supplies clients with guidance, targeted advice and all relevant documents for planning the security of an estate, and making provisions for its ultimate transfer to loved ones. Through this benefit, Nathan Garries matches proven, practical solutions to the tasks that have been entrusted to executors of estates.

Executors must manage significant legal and compliance issues. In addition, executors are liable for their decisions. They can be, and often are, sued by heirs and other parties. If there is no legal trust, an executor’s responsibility will likely include probate, a lengthy, protracted and costly process. If there is a trust, there are related duties to ensure assets are identified and divided appropriately.

As a trained Estate at Ease program participant, Nathan provides guidance for executors and others involved in the process of probate, trust management and other aspects of inheritance.

Nathan began his professional career at TD Canada Trust, and later sharpened his financial knowledge at Freedom 55, a division of London Life. At Freedom 55, he mastered the complexities of banking and wealth planning. Along the way, he expanded the breadth of his knowledge across a wide array of specialties, earning certifications as a Certified Financial Planner®, an Elder Planning Counselor, and a Certified International Wealth Manager with an emphasis on Advanced Retirement Management, Advanced Tax and Estate Strategies and Advanced Investment Strategies.

Nathan Garries was soon rewarded with the designation of Fellow of CSI, a premier achievement in Canadian financial services. This honour is awarded to financial professionals who demonstrate leadership, integrity and commitment to clients. He is also in the process of completing his CIM® designation.

As an active member of ADVOCIS, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning and the Financial Planning Standards Council, Nathan adds to the depth of his experience and networks with other talented professionals — all with the goal of enhancing his effectiveness in providing bulletproof financial guidance to clients.

As much as Nathan Garries enjoys his work, he also prizes the time he spends at home with his own family. Nathan and his wife Sara have been married for two decades, and are proud parents of two boys, Parker and Evan. They live an active life, from sporting events for the boys’ teams to adventures in the outdoors, including hockey, golf, swimming and fishing. In quiet times on the lake, Nathan has been known to regale his boys with captivating stories of financial planning, setting the stage for the family’s fourth generation of successful investors.


  • Fellow of CSI (FCSI®)
    Canadian Securities Institute
  • Branch Compliance Officer’s Course (BCO)
    Canadian Securities Institute
  • Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM)
    Canadian Securities Institute
  • Advanced Investment Strategies (AIS)
    Canadian Securities Institute
  • Elder planning counselor
    Business Career College
  • Certificate in Estate Planning and Trust Strategy
    Canadian Securities Institute
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    FP Canada
  • Fellowship of CSI
  • BCO
    Branch compliance officer course

  • CIWM
    Certified International Wealth Management
  • EPC
    Elder Planning Counselor
  • CFP