Andreas Apostolopoulos


Andreas Apostolopoulos was a Greek-born, Canadian businessman and real estate mogul best known as the founder of the Triple Group of Companies. He built a fortune through large-scale real estate acquisitions across North America, earning him recognition as one of the key figures in the industry.

Early life

Born in Kalamata, Greece in 1952, Andreas Apostolopoulos was brought up in a humble background. From a young age, he understood the value of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of seizing opportunities. In pursuit of better prospects, Apostolopoulos immigrated to Canada in 1969, where he started his life anew. He initially worked at a variety of blue-collar jobs, utilizing his strong work ethic and determination to elevate himself from his initial circumstances.

Apostolopoulos gradually ascended the professional ladder to become the owner of several small service and manufacturing businesses. This entrepreneurial venture served as his gateway to the world of commercial real estate investment and redevelopment. He was at the helm of the Triple Group of Companies, a renowned enterprise headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.


Apostolopoulos’s career took a pivotal turn when he started investing in real estate in the 1970s. With a knack for identifying undervalued properties and the potential for their redevelopment, he soon began to amass a portfolio of real estate investments. In 1978, he established the Triple Group of Companies, which would grow to become a leading real estate development and property management company.

Under his leadership, the Triple Group acquired and managed millions of square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial space across North America. One of the group’s most notable purchases was the acquisition of the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, in 2009, the former home of the Detroit Lions NFL team, bought at auction for a mere $583,000. This reflected Apostolopoulos’s bold vision, keen business acumen, and readiness to take risks that many others wouldn’t.

Here is an overview of the main milestones in his career.

Silverdome Purchase

In 2009, Andreas Apostolopoulos gained international attention when his investment company bought the Pontiac Silverdome for a mere $583,000 at auction, a significant decrease from its original construction cost of $55.7 million in 1975 (equivalent to $220 million in 2009).

His company, Triple Sports and Entertainment, operated the Silverdome as a sports and entertainment venue, investing millions to restore it. The first event under his ownership was a monster truck and motorsport show on April 17, 2010. The stadium has since been imploded and is undergoing demolition for future development.

Durham Live Casino

Durham Live, a $1.3 billion entertainment district under development in south Pickering, Ontario, Canada, received approval in 2017. Expected to add $600 million in tax revenue and $1 billion towards Pickering’s GDP, it represents the largest private investment in the city’s history, with 61% of Pickering residents voting in favor of the development.

As described by Universal City Condominiums, Durham Live will feature a large casino, hotel, film studio, theatre, water park, retail stores, golf course, performance hall, and gourmet dining.

Duffins Creek Wetland Controversy

In March 2021, Triple Group faced considerable backlash for plans to rezone a protected wetland for an Amazon warehouse development. Environmental groups intervened legally to halt the project. However, on March 12, Amazon stated they no longer considered the site for their warehouse. By November 2022, reports indicated that 90% of the wetland had been cleared and tilled.

Net Worth

As of 2023, his net worth is around $3.9 billion.


Andreas Apostolopoulos’s career was marked by numerous achievements. Beyond the significant growth and success of the Triple Group of Companies, his visionary leadership reshaped the landscapes of many cities and towns across North America. Here are some notable achievements:

Founder and Chairman of Triple Group of Companies: Andreas Apostolopoulos established this leading real estate development and property management company, successfully overseeing the acquisition and management of millions of square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial space across North America.
Pontiac Silverdome Purchase: Apostolopoulos made international headlines in 2009 with the acquisition of the Silverdome in Michigan, showcasing his keen business acumen.
Durham Live Project: Apostolopoulos was instrumental in the approval and development of the $1.3 billion Durham Live entertainment district, representing the largest private investment in Pickering's history.
Resilient Business Strategy: Despite facing controversies and challenges, such as the Duffins Creek wetland issue and issues with the Penobscot Building in Detroit, Apostolopoulos showed resilience and the ability to navigate complex business situations.
Philanthropic Activities: Apostolopoulos has also been known for his contributions to various philanthropic causes, indicating his commitment to giving back to the community.

Social Profile

Apostolopoulos preferred to maintain a low-profile lifestyle, shying away from the limelight despite his massive success. As a result, he was not known for maintaining a significant social media presence. Instead, he focused his energies on his business ventures and philanthropic activities, contributing generously to a variety of causes both in Canada and Greece.