World Wide Events Inc

Westminster, Colorado USA

With an impressive track record of organizing and hosting successful fundraising events for Nonprofits, World Wide Events Inc. is changing the world by changing the way Nonprofits amplify their message.


World Wide Events Inc. is a communications firm with a specialty in partnering with Non-Governmental Organizations and Nonprofits to provide support through direct marketing and event planning initiatives. The company’s portfolio of partner organizations has received significant advantages in brand recognition through their relationship with WWE.

The purpose of World Wide Events Inc.’s initiatives is to amplify the messages of their partner NGOs and Nonprofits. The company’s well-qualified team of marketing professionals apply industry-proven, effective techniques for building supporter bases and establishing community brands for their partners.

Word Wide Events Inc.’s partnership model is designed to create a strategic partnership with NGOs and Nonprofits, allowing the organizations to do the work of portfolio has a long-

Led by founder and CEO Edgar Heredia, the work culture at World Wide Events Inc. focuses on instilling a sense of agency, positivity and motivation amongst its team members. They are encouraged to develop their own, distinctive mental approach to the work of building support for a cause. These opportunities for setting and achieving personal goals are designed to incentify growth through finding a ‘greater purpose’ in the work.

The approach to employee motivation being developed by World Wide Events, Inc. is becoming a trend for other companies hoping to build similar cultures. The model is structured around empowering workers by encouraging a strong sense of community in the workplace, where team members encourage each other to seek out opportunities for leadership and personal development.

World Wide Events Inc.’s direct marketing model is intended to foster personal connections with people in the community to build support for their Nonprofit partners. By initiating dialogue around the issues that their partners are working around, the team is not only increasing awareness around the issues, they are building a source of ideas and feedback from a new community of supports of the cause.

The team members undergo thorough training and peer support to prepare them to carry the message of their partners to the public. In their hiring practices, World Wide Events Inc. target potential employees who respond to the idea of finding purpose in their work, creating connections and building support for the greater good.