Fisher Capital Group


Fisher Capital Group is a fast-growing self-service precious metals investment firm specializing in gold and silver Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Established in 2007, the company has emerged as a key player in the precious metals landscape. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, the firm has established itself as one of the leading precious metals retailers in the United States.


Guided by the leadership of CEO Alexander Spellane, Fisher Capital Group has become synonymous with industry-leading expertise and customer support, offering a comprehensive suite of services aimed at assisting clients in diversifying their investment portfolios through the acquisition of precious metals. The company's commitment to client education is underscored by its provision in asset acquisition, procurement, and customer care, guaranteeing clients remain well-informed throughout their investment journey.

Setting itself apart within the market, Fisher Capital Group facilitates access to precious metal IRAs, a specialized category of individual retirement accounts that allows investors to explore difficult to obtain asset classes, including gold and silver. An additional distinctive feature of the firm's offerings is its ability for clients to invest in limited mintage bullion coins—an aspect that adds a layer of exclusivity to its services, as such acquisitions are often challenging to procure through traditional channels.

Leadership and Origin Story

The narrative of Fisher Capital Group is intricately woven with the career trajectory of Alexander Spellane. Initially embarking on a career in music, Spellane transitioned into sales to support his musical aspirations. This shift led him to discover a passion for salesmanship, culminating in a noteworthy achievement—he attained his first million dollars in gold sales by the age of 27, thereby catapulting himself into the industry spotlight.

Alexander Spellane's leadership at Fisher Capital Group has not gone unnoticed, as he has received various accolades for his business acumen. Notable among these is his recognition as One of the Best CEOs to Watch in 2023 and his acknowledgment as One of America's Youngest Gold Experts by Success Magazine. Forbes Magazine has also taken note of the company's impressive growth, ranking Fisher Capital Group as one of "America's Fastest Growing Precious Metals Companies. "Additionally, he was also named the "Gold Expert of the Year" by the LA Tribune in 2023.

Operational Dynamics

Operationally, Fisher Capital Group strategically procures precious metals at wholesale rates, subsequently engaging in retail sales. The company's roots trace back to a modest team of five individuals in Beverly Hills; however, it is presently undergoing a robust expansion phase, having successfully integrated a sales force of over 40 account executives. A tangible manifestation of this growth trajectory is Fisher Capital Group's recent acquisition of the former New York Times office in Los Angeles—an astute move to support and accommodate its burgeoning team.

Conservative Principles

Led by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable U.S. armed forces veterans, Fisher Capital Group is uniquely positioned to navigate the intricacies of the precious metals industry. Beyond the expertise embedded in its veteran-staffed sales and executive team, the company has garnered national recognition for its unwavering commitment to conservative values. This commitment adds a layer of distinction to the firm, reinforcing its reputation as a leading player in the precious metals industry.

This commitment to the values of conservatism is exemplified by Spellane’s rise to prominence on the national stage as a sponsor of high-profile gatherings of the movement’s leading figures. Fisher Capital Group was a Diamond Sponsor of the 2022 and 2023 Turning Point USA AmFest, which attracted over 15,000 to a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Further, in July 2023, the firm followed up as a Diamond Sponsor of the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, headlined by conservative luminaries including President Donald J. Trump and Tucker Carlson, among others.


As Fisher Capital Group continues to carve its path in the financial landscape, its blend of industry expertise, unique offerings, and commitment to faith and conservative values ensures compelling prospects for sustained success. Current plans include adding operations locations in Texas and Florida.

The company's story, marked by innovation, strategic leadership, and a commitment to client education, positions it as a notable entity in the ever-evolving world of precious metals products.