Vincent Colizza

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ex Media

Vincent Colizza is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ex Media, a marketing agency that aims to eliminate communication barriers and offer customers an exceptional experience to rule the digital marketplace.


Since 2020, Vincent Colizza has been enrolled at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia. Colizza intends on graduating from Carleton University in 2024.


Colizza founded Ex Media in 2018, helping grow businesses worldwide to start conversations, increase brand visibility, and clickthrough rates through social media advertising and PPC advertising. Because many businesses waste money on inadequate marketing in order to reach customers, Colizza focuses on scaling the businesses of customers and serving them better by stripping marketing efforts back to the basics, building a watertight and consistently converting funnel, while using highly-targeted paid advertising to attract a steady flow of customers. Ex Media offers dedicated Facebook ads, Google traffic specialists and in-house copywriters to manage customer campaigns from start to finish. Ex Media provides paid advertising and funnel creation that has numerous formats; however, the company specifically specializes in Facebook and Instagram paid advertising, Google and Youtube paid advertising, as well as Funnel creation and Website creation. Ex Media offers many services, mainly Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation and Growth Marketing.


Since Ex Media was founded, the company currently serves over 100 clients worldwide and has gained over $10 million in client results.