Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer, whose real name is Andre Rebelo, is a renowned content creator and streamer, primarily celebrated for his gaming content on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. His prowess in games like “Grand Theft Auto”, “Fortnite”, and others, combined with his engaging persona, has earned him millions of followers.

Early life

Born on March 23, 1992, in Toronto, Canada, Andre Rebelo showcased a profound interest in gaming from a young age. His childhood was primarily spent juggling between school and his passion for video games, an inclination that would later evolve into a full-time profession. While specifics about his family and schooling remain relatively private, it’s evident that the support and nurturing environment they provided played a pivotal role in the blossoming of his gaming career.

Renowned for his gameplay in Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V, he had amassed over 14 million subscribers and 3.7 billion views across his channels by January 2021. He now lives in Vancouver, Canada, alongside his girlfriend Samara Redway, who also produces videos and live streams.


Rebelo’s journey as Typical Gamer began with the inception of his YouTube channel in 2008. Initially, he delved into diverse games, trying to find his niche, which he soon discovered with titles like “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto (GTA)”. His walkthroughs, mod showcases, and especially his GTA roleplays, garnered significant attention, catapulting him into the spotlight.

The release of “Fortnite Battle Royale” marked a pivotal turn in his career. As the game gained popularity, so did Typical Gamer, who was among the early adaptors of this battle royale sensation. His innovative strategies, combined with an innate ability to entertain, ensured consistent growth in his viewership.

YouTube Career of Andre Rebelo:

Andre Rebelo, while in his teenage years, launched his YouTube channel “TypicalGamer” on August 24, 2008. He initially shared tips and secrets about Red Dead Redemption. With the introduction of YouTube Livestreaming in 2013, he began streaming Grand Theft Auto V, making him a trailblazer in YouTube gaming. His popularity surged notably in 2017 when he began playing Fortnite, especially as the game’s player base hit 350 million by mid-2020. The year 2020 marked a significant growth in YouTube gaming, leading to a massive increase in viewership. He then started a second channel named “TG Plays” on March 3, 2020.

Contract with YouTube:

On March 26, 2020, Rebelo inked an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming, preventing him from collaborating with competitors like Twitch and Mixer. Ryan Wyatt, the head of YouTube Gaming, lauded him as “one of the most prolific streamers globally.”

Beyond YouTube, Rebelo expanded his Typical Gamer brand into other ventures. His Twitch streams further solidified his position in the gaming community. Additionally, collaborations with fellow content creators and appearances in gaming tournaments added multiple dimensions to his professional portfolio.

Typical Gamer is endorsed by several notable brands, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, OnePlus, and eBay. In a strategic partnership with Stratosphere Games, a mobile game developer based in Berlin, he co-developed “Warzone: Clash of Generals”.

The overarching vision for this venture was not only to create a robust player community but also to integrate stream support and Esports involvement. This innovative approach empowers content creators to organize tournaments and more deeply engage their audiences, offering a truly immersive streaming experience.

Apart from his ventures, Rebelo has showcased his gaming prowess in several tournaments. He was a contender in the $100,000 Call of Duty: Warzone tournament for the Call of Duty Endowment Charity and also competed in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, where he secured a substantial $65,000 prize.

An interesting tidbit from his personal life is that the name “Typical Gamer” was actually the brainchild of his brother, Billy Rebelo.

Net Worth

While the exact figure of Typical Gamer’s net worth fluctuates given the dynamic nature of online content creation, as of 2023, estimates suggest it to be in the range of $23 million, according to Techie Gamers. This impressive wealth accumulation is attributed to his YouTube ad revenue, Twitch subscriptions, brand endorsements, and other business ventures related to gaming.


Over his career, Typical Gamer has achieved numerous milestones:

Mammoth Subscriber Count: Surpassing 10 million subscribers on YouTube, he's one of the top gaming content creators on the platform.
Consistent Viewer Engagement: Videos, especially those related to GTA and Fortnite, often amass millions of views within just days of being uploaded.
Tournament Participation: Rebelo has partaken in various gaming tournaments, showcasing his skills against other prominent figures in the gaming world.
Collaborations: He's teamed up with various gaming personalities for collaborative content, further expanding his reach.
Brand Partnerships: Renowned for his influence in the gaming community, Typical Gamer has secured endorsements and partnerships with numerous brands, both inside and outside the gaming industry.

Social Profile

Typical Gamer's influence is not confined to just one platform:

  • YouTube: With over 10 million subscribers, his channel is a testament to his persistent dedication and engaging content. Regular uploads, varying from gameplays to reviews, keep his audience consistently engaged.
  • Twitch: Here, he streams his gaming sessions, interacting with his audience in real-time. This platform allows for a more intimate connection with his followers.
  • Twitter & Instagram: Rebelo frequently updates his fans on upcoming content, personal milestones, and other gaming-related news through his social media profiles. They offer a glimpse into the man behind the Typical Gamer moniker, highlighting moments from his personal life, his opinions on trending gaming topics, and interactions with fellow content creators.

He uses the handle @TypicalGamer on all of his platforms.