Evan Fong

Evan Fong, more popularly known as VanossGaming, is a Canadian internet personality, video game commentator, and music producer. He has gained international acclaim through his unique comedic style and creativity in creating engaging content for his YouTube channel, VanossGaming.

Early life

Evan Fong was born on May 31, 1992, in Toronto, Canada, to Asian parents. His father was a salesperson for a printing company, while his mother was a homemaker. As a child, he developed a deep love for playing ice hockey, a passion that remained with him through his youth.

Fong graduated from high school in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Following this, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied economics. However, his passion for video games and his burgeoning YouTube channel soon took precedence over his studies. In 2011, he decided to leave school to focus full-time on his YouTube career, a decision that would prove to be a game-changer for him.

When Fong started focusing more on his YouTube content, his parents were initially worried about him sidelining his studies. Fong acknowledged this, noting that even though there’s considerable potential in starting a YouTube channel, it’s not a guaranteed path to success. Fong was not heavily immersed in video games from an early age, although he did dabble in various games occasionally. His gaming repertoire as a child included adventure and puzzle games like Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam.

Fong’s love for ice hockey dates back to his youth when he had the chance to play against future National Hockey League (NHL) stars such as Tyler Seguin and Jeff Skinner. They were part of the Greater Toronto Hockey League, playing with the Toronto Nationals at the time. Beyond his YouTube profession, Fong continues to enjoy ice hockey and airsoft. He also has a penchant for playing the guitar.


Evan Fong initiated the VanossGaming YouTube channel on September 15, 2011. The alias “Vanoss” is derived from VANOS, a variable valve timing system developed by the German car manufacturer BMW, an alias his father once used— “vanoss62″—on his PlayStation 3. Fong adopted this name for his channel.

He is well-known for his comedic and often silly commentary style. While his early videos focused on games like Call of Duty, over time, he diversified his content to include a wider range of video games, like Grand Theft Auto and Garry’s Mod.

During the early stages of his YouTube journey, he connected with several fellow content creators who later frequently appeared in his videos. His channel quickly gained popularity, crossing the 10 million subscriber milestone by 2014. As he neared 11 million subscribers in January 2015, he started gaining attention from mainstream media. Recognized as a key figure in the rapidly expanding video game commentary subculture, Fong attributed his success to his relatability and authenticity as an ordinary individual playing games.

Fong announced via Twitter on April 30, 2015, that he had joined Jetpak, a subsidiary of 3BlackDot, after his previous partnership with Machinima. Jetpak is a multi-channel network established by fellow YouTubers Adam Montoya and Tom Cassell. In November 2015, Fong unveiled a new logo for his brand, VanossGaming, featuring an owl theme inspired by his avatar in Grand Theft Auto Online. This avatar was later made playable in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Fong’s creativity, humor, and passion for video games quickly resonated with viewers, and his channel grew exponentially. As of mid-2023, his YouTube channel boasts over 30 million subscribers, making it one of the most subscribed channels on the platform.

In addition to his work as a YouTuber, Fong also ventured into music production. On August 25, 2017, Fong, under the pseudonym Rynx, released a remix of the hip-hop group They’s song “U-Rite.” His debut single, “Want You,” featuring Miranda Glory, was released on December 12 under his record label, Avant Garden.

The official music video for “Want You” was unveiled by Fong on April 18, 2018. He followed this with the release of a music video for his second single, “I’m Alright,” featuring Jimi Ono, on June 27. In the following months, Fong released several remixes including Alison Wonderland’s song “Cry” on August 15, Gallant’s “Doesn’t Matter” on November 16, and Sasha Sloan’s “Normal” in collaboration with Jaykode on December 19.

The year 2019 began with Fong’s release of his third single “Hold On,” featuring Drew Love, on January 16. He continued his remix work, delivering new takes on Olivia O’Brien’s song “Love Myself” on March 8 and “Contra La Pared” by Sean Paul and J Balvin on May 3. His fourth single, “Read My Mind,” featuring Mainland, was released on May 22, followed by his fifth single, “Club Poor,” with Tiny Meat Gang, on July 10. His sixth single, “All For You” featuring Kiesza, was released on July 31.

On September 17, Fong took to Instagram to announce his upcoming debut project, In Pieces, slated for an October release. He also revealed plans for a tour in the United States and Canada in October and November 2019, with the potential of merchandising during the tour. However, on October 15, Rynx tweeted about his deteriorating health, expressing his desire to offer his fans the best performance and seeking an on-stage experience that would make it all worthwhile. On November 5, he disclosed via YouTube that, apart from the San Francisco date, his tour would be postponed until February. Despite the tour delays, In Pieces was released as scheduled on October 25, 2019.

Net Worth

Evan Fong’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 million as of 2023. The primary source of his wealth comes from his YouTube channel, where he earns money through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and viewer donations. Additionally, his work as a music producer has also contributed to his net worth.


Evan Fong’s significant achievements include amassing over 30 million subscribers and over 13 billion total views on his YouTube channel as of 2023. His innovative approach to video game commentary has earned him a dedicated fanbase across the globe.

In the music realm, Fong has garnered millions of streams for his tracks on platforms such as Spotify. His remix of “U-RITE” by THEY. has been particularly successful, gaining widespread attention and significantly boosting his profile as a music producer.

Nominated for the Shorty Awards in the Tech and Innovation category for Gaming twice.
Although he didn't win, he was a strong contender, losing to Rooster Teeth's Let's Play in 2016 and NoisyButters in 2020.
Participated as a panelist at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 6, 2015, for the "YouTube Gaming Evolution" discussion.
Shared the panel with other popular content creators, including W1LDC4T43, Lui Caliber, Mini Ladd, YourHeroes, TheBajanCanadian, and "JeromeASF."
His influence in the video game commentary community is widely recognized.
His authenticity has been acknowledged as a key factor in his tremendous popularity.

Social Profile

Evan Fong's social presence is primarily centered around his YouTube channel, VanossGaming.

Instagram: @evanfong
Twitter: @evanfong

He is also active on Soundcloud and Spotify as Rynx, where he shares his music. Through these platforms, Fong consistently engages with his audience, sharing personal anecdotes, video updates, and glimpses into his daily life, further endearing himself to his fans.