Rudy Bratty

Toronto, Canada

Rudy Bratty is a renowned Canadian real estate mogul, philanthropist, and the founder and Chairman of the Remington Group. Known for his significant contributions to the real estate sector, his leadership has revolutionized the residential and commercial property landscape in Canada.

Early life

Born in 1935 in Toronto, Ontario, Rudy Bratty came from humble beginnings. His parents, Donato and Maria Bratty, were immigrants from Italy who sought a better life in Canada. Rudy was the eldest of six children, and from an early age, he showed an affinity for hard work and entrepreneurship, traits that he credited to his parents.

In 1950, Bratty began his studies in the arts program at the University of Toronto before transitioning to Osgoode Law School. To finance his education and beyond, he worked as a builder during the summer breaks. Upon his graduation in 1957, he, along with his lawyer colleague, Emilio Gambin, established their own law firm in Toronto.

He attended St. Michael’s College School, a private Catholic all-boys school in Toronto, and later graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 1957. Bratty’s interest in law and real estate was piqued during his university years, laying the foundation for his illustrious career in the property development industry.


Bratty embarked on his first significant real estate venture as a teenager, transforming six unoccupied suburban Toronto plots into houses. In the subsequent years, he engaged his sons—Chris, Mark, Michael, and Matthew—in unexpected trips to assess potential properties in the evolving subdivisions of the GTA.

Today, these sons assist in managing the Remington Group alongside their father, who remains the CEO, and their uncle, COO Jerry Bratty. Recognizing the transition from standalone family homes to high-density developments, the younger generation of Brattys guided the company’s expansion into the flourishing sector of high-rise condos and commercial developments.

Upon graduating, Bratty first practiced law and subsequently co-founded a law firm, Bratty and Partners. However, he soon recognized the potential of the real estate industry and in 1951, alongside his father, founded the Remington Group. Initially a house-building business, the company has grown into one of Canada’s premier real estate firms.

Under Bratty’s leadership, the Remington Group has been involved in numerous high-profile projects, shaping the skyline of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. He has often been called “the man who built Toronto”.

The Group’s notable developments include residential communities, commercial properties, and shopping centres. Among its most renowned projects is Downtown Markham, a 243-acre environmentally sustainable, transit-friendly, mixed-use development, representing one of North America’s largest urban developments.

Bratty’s business savvy meant he knew how to follow the trends in the industry. With a keen eye for the market, he could make early decisions about the future of development. This kept him always a step ahead of the competition as he anticipated what the market would be seeking.

The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation

Mirroring the principles of its namesake, Rudy Bratty, the Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation extends its support to numerous charities with an emphasis on family, health and wellness, and cultural programs.

The foundation significantly contributes to various institutions such as Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation of Toronto, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, among others, fortifying its commitment towards community welfare.

Rudy Bratty, the son of an Italian immigrant carpenter, was born in Canada and was raised with a deep sense of community responsibility. He grew to become one of Toronto’s leading real estate developers, leading his family’s development company, The Remington Group, and co-founding the law firm, Bratty & Partners. Rudy’s remarkable business achievements are matched by his generous contributions to charities, notably Pier 21, which honors Canada’s immigration history. As a member of its original National Advisory Council, he stands as a testament to the Canadian spirit of generosity.

Net Worth

Rudy Bratty’s net worth is an estimated $1.36 billion


Rudy Bratty’s achievements are numerous, both in his professional and philanthropic endeavours. In 2007, Bratty was recognized for his contributions to the real estate industry and awarded the BILD Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a dedicated philanthropist, he has also supported many causes, including healthcare, education, and cultural initiatives. In 2012, he donated $10 million to York University’s Faculty of Law, the largest donation in the faculty’s history.

BA 1953 UC - 2012 Award Recipient
Founder of Bratty & Partners LLP, a law firm specializing in real estate, development, and planning
Chair and Chief Executive Officer of The Remington Group, significantly impacting the cityscape with various real estate projects
Honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Building Industry and Land Development Association
Received a star on the Italian Walk of Fame on College Street in Toronto’s Little Italy