Rebel News

Toronto, Canada

Rebel News, also known as The Rebel Media or Rebel News Network, Ltd., is a Canadian political and social commentary media website and network. Founded in 2015, it is known for its content, often focusing on conservative, right-wing politics, and populism. Rebel News operates primarily through its online platform, providing video commentaries, articles, and reports from a perspective often considered to be on the far-right end of the political spectrum.


Rebel News was established in February 2015 by former Sun News Network personalities Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley, following the shutdown of the Sun News Network. The network was conceived as an alternative to mainstream media outlets, aiming to provide a platform for conservative voices and opinions that its founders believed were underrepresented in Canadian media. From the beginning, Rebel News has been a subject of controversy, often gaining attention for its provocative stances on various social and political issues.

Over the years, Rebel News has expanded its content and reach, garnering a significant online following through its website, social media channels, and YouTube. Its content ranges from news reporting and commentary to interviews and on-the-ground coverage of events, often reflecting a populist and nationalist viewpoint. The platform has been involved in various legal and public disputes, reflecting its contentious position in the media landscape.

Rebel News' current mandate continues to focus on providing an alternative perspective to mainstream news, championing free speech, and addressing topics that align with conservative and right-wing ideologies. The network has also been active in various campaigns and initiatives, often taking a direct approach in advocating for causes and viewpoints that resonate with its audience.

The financial specifics of private entities like Rebel News are typically kept confidential, and as such, detailed financial statements are not available to the general public.

Key Players

- Ezra Levant: Co-founder and the most prominent figure associated with Rebel News, Levant is known for his conservative activism and media presence. He has been a central figure in shaping the network's editorial direction and public persona. Levant cites right-wing American news site Breitbart News as an inspiration.

- Brian Lilley: A co-founder of Rebel News, Lilley was part of the network's early development.

- Sheila Gunn Reid: Serving as the Alberta Bureau Chief, Reid is one of the key journalists at Rebel News. She is known for her conservative stance on various political and social issues, contributing significantly to the network's content and outreach.

- David Menzies: Another prominent figure within Rebel News, Menzies is known for his on-the-ground reporting and commentary, often covering events and topics from a conservative viewpoint.

While Rebel News continues to be a polarizing entity in Canadian media, its influence and reach within certain political circles are undeniable, reflecting the broader global trend of alternative media platforms gaining traction in political causes and movements.