Raj S. Malhotra

Chief Executive Officer of BIDS.DIGITAL and Cue7ven

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Raj S. Malhotra is the Chief Executive Officer of BIDS.DIGITAL, a tech company focused on automated marketing activities and the CEO of the digital advertising company Cue7ven.


Raj Malhotra attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India, from 2004 to 2008.


Raj Malhotra began his professional career in February 2008 as the Senior Software Manager for Volkswagen of Midland Odessa, in Texas. Malhotra held this position for nearly two and a half years. In August 2017, Malhotra became the Chief Executive Officer of Cue7ven and in January of 2019, he became the Chief Executive Officer of BIDS.DIGITAL. Both of Malhotra’s advertising companies are currently based in Mississauga, Ontario.


Raj Malhotra manages two businesses, BIDS.DIGITAL and Cue7ven, at the same time.