Preston Arsement

Preston Arsement is a renowned YouTuber and entrepreneur known for his lively gaming content and entrepreneurship in the digital world. He has carved a niche for himself, earning a substantial following and inspiring millions with his engaging videos and strategic business initiatives.

Early life

Preston Arsement was born on May 4, 1994, in Texas, USA. He was raised along with his four siblings, and from an early age, exhibited a keen interest in video games. His curiosity for gaming became a passion that played a significant role in shaping his future career. A passionate student, Preston pursued his high school education in Texas, spending his free time honing his gaming skills and exploring his interests in digital platforms.

At the young age of 16, after graduating from high school in 2010, Arsement laid the foundations of his digital empire by launching his first YouTube channel, “TBNRFrags.” His unique content quickly drew the notice of Machinima, a multimedia company, who extended an invitation for him to join their “Respawn Crew” team in 2011. Arsement continued to expand his digital footprint by inaugurating his second YouTube channel, “PrestonPlayz,” on July 4, 2012. However, it wasn’t until January 15, 2013, that he uploaded the inaugural video on this channel.


Preston Arsement manages multiple YouTube channels, with PrestonPlayz being his most well-known, essentially defining his online persona as a prolific gamer, primarily focused on Minecraft. This channel, which has been active for four years, boasts almost 12 million subscribers, showcasing his broad appeal. Preston has demonstrated a keen ability to stay current with trends, as evidenced in one of his latest videos where he recreated the tasks from the popular series, Squid Game, within the Minecraft universe.

Preston’s career took off when he began creating videos on YouTube in 2010. He initially started by posting videos of the popular game, Call of Duty, but later transitioned to Minecraft, where he found significant success. His unique approach to creating engaging, entertaining, and creative gaming content quickly gained attention, leading to an exponential increase in his viewership.
In the early days of his popularity, he would upload at least four videos a day, all of which he made himself.

His success on YouTube sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to establish multiple YouTube channels like PrestonPlayz, PrestonGamez, and TBNRFrags, each catering to different gaming genres and audiences. His channels collectively boast millions of subscribers, making him one of the most popular gaming influencers globally.

Moreover, Preston took his entrepreneurial ventures beyond YouTube, co-founding the talent management company, “Night Media,” which works with some of the most successful influencers across various digital platforms. He also launched a popular merchandise line, selling his merchandise globally to fans.

Preston Arsement’s journey from a young gaming enthusiast to a successful YouTuber and entrepreneur is a testament to his dedication, passion, and adaptability. His influence spans across various facets of the digital world, inspiring many aspiring gamers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

He is also well known on TikTok where he creates video game related content just like he does on his YouTube channels.

Arsement began 2019 on a high note, securing a position as the sixth highest-paid YouTuber as per Forbes, with his subscriber count standing at 14.3 million on YouTube by the end of the year. The year 2020 was equally exciting for him, as he featured in an LA Times article and received a nomination for the 2020 Streamy Awards.

On January 12 of the same year, Arsement, along with his wife Brianna Arsement, launched the reality-TV series “PrestonPlayz,” inviting viewers into their Minecraft universe. As of now, Arsement’s social media following includes 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 1.8 million on Twitter, and a whopping 19.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth

Preston’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $25 million. His income stems from multiple streams, including his YouTube channels, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and his co-ownership of Night Media. His entrepreneurial spirit and continuous pursuit of novel digital opportunities have made him one of the wealthiest gaming influencers.


Preston’s achievements are a testament to his hard work, creativity, and innovation in the digital space. Some highlights include:

Started successful YouTube gaming channels (PrestonPlayz, PrestonGamez, and TBNRFrags) amassing millions of subscribers and billions of views collectively
Co-founded Night Media, a successful talent management company in the influencer industry
Listed as one of Forbes' Top Gaming Influencers in 2017
Garnered nearly 12 million subscribers on his most popular YouTube channel, PrestonPlayz
Successfully stayed topical with trends, creating content like a Minecraft version of Squid Game challenges
Achieved an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2023, making him one of the wealthiest gaming influencers

Social Profile

Preston maintains an active social profile across various platforms, continuously engaging with his fans through different content types. His YouTube channels continue to be his primary mode of engagement, where he posts daily gaming videos and vlogs.

Beyond YouTube, Preston is also active on:

Twitter: @Preston
Instagram: @realtbnrfrags
Facebook: @PrestonPlayz