Naomi Azrieli


Naomi Azrieli is a renowned businesswoman, philanthropist, and Chair and CEO of the Azrieli Group, one of Canada’s largest real estate firms. She is also notably recognized for her impactful contributions to the educational, scientific, and community sectors.

Early life

Born into the influential Azrieli family, Naomi’s foundation in business and philanthropy was influenced from an early age. She grew up witnessing the entrepreneurial ventures of her father, David J. Azrieli, an architect, builder, developer, and philanthropist. From him, she imbibed the values of hard work, vision, and giving back to the community. Her formative years were marked by a combination of rigorous academics and exposure to the real-world workings of business and philanthropy.


Naomi Azrieli took the reins of the Azrieli Group, following in her father’s footsteps, ensuring that the company not only sustained its momentum but also expanded its horizons. Under her leadership, the group diversified its portfolio, venturing into new markets and sectors. As Chair and CEO, she managed to strengthen the company’s presence in the real estate world, making it a force to reckon with in both Canada and internationally.

Azrieli is a beneficiary of the Azrieli Group’s real estate legacy. She, along with her sisters Danna and Sharon Azrieli, collectively hold approximately 46% of the shares in the publicly listed company. Naomi joined the board following the passing of her father, David Azrieli, in 2014, from whom she inherited her share. Additionally, she serves as the chair of the family’s Azrieli Foundation, an organization committed to various causes such as scientific research, musical arts, and Holocaust education.

But Naomi’s career isn’t solely defined by her successes in real estate. She has also been at the helm of the Azrieli Foundation, one of Canada’s leading philanthropic institutions. Through this foundation, she has channeled millions into educational, research-based, and community programs. Her vision for the foundation has been one of empowerment, innovation, and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to realize their potential.

Since June 2010, Dr. Naomi Azrieli has held the position of Executive Director at the Azrieli Group.
She also serves as the Chair and CEO of the Azrieli Foundation, Canada’s largest independent philanthropic organization. The foundation focuses on a diverse array of causes, including education, research, healthcare, and the arts, making impactful contributions in both Canada and Israel. Under Naomi’s leadership, the foundation has launched and managed several key initiatives, such as the Azrieli Fellows Program and the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program, which have had a transformative impact on both current and future generations.

Beyond her roles at the Azrieli Group and the Azrieli Foundation, Naomi also serves as the president of both Canpro Investments Ltd. and Omico Investments Ltd.

Naomi has earned a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) degree from the University of Oxford. She also possesses a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Azrieli is more than just a successful businesswoman. Her dedication to philanthropy and her commitment to making a difference in society make her a figure of admiration and respect in Canada and beyond. Her journey is a testament to the power of vision, hard work, and the belief that one individual can indeed make a world of difference.

Her efforts through the Azrieli Foundation are prominently featured across various media platforms, ensuring that the foundation’s work remains in the public eye. Those interested in following the endeavors of the foundation can connect through its official channels on popular social media platforms.

Net Worth

Naomi Azrieli’s net worth is an estimated $1.1B as of September 2023, according to Forbes.


Throughout her career, Naomi Azrieli has amassed a series of accolades and recognitions:

Business Leadership: Under her guidance, the Azrieli Group has become a dominant force in the Canadian and global real estate industry, boasting a series of successful projects and ventures.
Philanthropic Endeavours: As the driving force behind the Azrieli Foundation, Naomi has overseen the donation of millions to various causes, ranging from education to scientific research, and from arts to community welfare.
Advocacy for Education: She has been a staunch advocate for education and has funded numerous scholarships, fellowships, and educational programs both within and outside Canada.
Community Recognition: Naomi has been honored and recognized by various community groups and organizations for her commitment to philanthropy and for her contributions to society at large.

Social Profile

Naomi Azrieli, despite being a public figure, tends to maintain a relatively low social media profile. She believes in working silently and letting her work speak for itself.