Jason Hill

Jason Hill is an entrepreneur in Six Nations of the Grand River in southern Ontario, Canada. Capping a string of business successes, his most prominent venture has been Burger Barn in Ohsweken.

Early life

Jason Hill grew up in Six Nations, the most populous First Nations territory in Canada, and he has never left. He learned his values of hard work, creativity and community here, based on the traditions and cultural inheritance of the Iroquois people.

His first job was as an industrial painter. Soon after starting a family, Jason realized that he needed to aim higher, to satisfy his thirst for entrepreneurship and to create a secure future for his family. This was the catalyst for a string of successful businesses and innovations to come.


From 2004 to 2021 Jason Hill opened a total of 13 unique and successful business ventures, beginning with convenience stores and wholesale and extending to energy, construction and casual dining. His ideas have transformed industries, created jobs and provided high-value goods and services to thousands of customers in his hometown, throughout Six Nations of the Grand River and across southern Ontario.

His foray into wholesale was based on the need to better facilitate the central purchasing and distribution of products for his own stores, as well as supplying other retail operations. Similarly, he founded a fueling station to service his own fleets and commercial semis passing through town.

In 2011 he started his most celebrated business. Burger Barn in Ohsweken, Ontario offers farm-fresh ingredients, delicious recipes and friendly service to families looking for high-value, high-quality comfort food.

When featured on The Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here” show, the restaurant became a sensation among tourists and patrons from throughout the province. Customers lined up not just for the legendary Double Stacker, but also for the many other popular menu items, including ribs, chicken wings, homemade pies, Indian tacos and all-day-breakfast items.

By 2015, Jason Hill doubled the restaurant’s capacity. By 2020, his new Burger Barn food trucks were on the road, providing a convenient mobile option for loyal customers. As pandemic lockdowns spread later that year, he expanded the restaurant’s catering service. Through this difficult period, customers never forgot about Burger Barn, and Jason Hill never stopped searching for creative new ways to meet the demand, whatever the obstacles. Today Burger Barn, more prosperous than ever, stands as a delicious monument to entrepreneurship, hard work and resilience.


  • Among Jason Hill’s other interests are the Belgian draft horses and Clydesdales he raises, which have been showcased at many popular equestrian events.
  • The “Burger Barn Belgians” won the 2021 U.S. National Belgian 6 Horse Hitch Championship, along with other titles. His Clydesdales exhibited at the World Clydesdale Show in London, Ontario, and won the 2018 World Champion Team and the Reserve Champion 8 Horse Hitch award in Madison, Wisconsin. At that same event, Jason’s daughter Bella triumphed as the World Clydesdale Junior Youth Champion Showman.
  • Jason is an avid race car enthusiast too. He sponsored his first driver in 2015, and soon put together a team of Burger Barn racers who compete throughout Ontario. In 2020 his team of well-fed racers won the Southern Ontario Sprint Car Championship.