Harmony Vallejo

Harmony Vallejo is the founder, president, and CEO of Universal Events Inc. – a company dedicated to supporting nonprofits and ethical businesses. The company provides branding and communication support.

Early life

Harmony Vallejo gained much of her experience in communications and marketing two decades ago at WYTV, a western Youngstown television station. She would move on to become the marketing representative for Winners Advertising, where she improved the company’s brand awareness and developed meaningful relationships with its clients. During her tenure at Winners Advertising, she developed a keen talent for branding and marketing.

Harmony Vallejo earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Youngstown State University. There, she had the opportunity to work for the school’s newspaper and played varsity volleyball. It was the experience during her academic career that led her to the field of nonprofit administration.


Harmony Vallejo has always wanted to make the world a better place, feeling it is everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to help others. Today, it’s her mission to help nonprofits and ethical businesses by providing back-end administrative and branding support.

Harmony made the decision to utilize her experience in media to create a company that could provide something nonprofits need.

“I think the most important thing you can have that makes you perfect for a position is passion. When you really love and care about what you do, you bring a kind of grit that you can’t find anywhere else. You have a reason to care about your work and it makes you feel good to do it – it’s as they say: ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I look for people who not only have the experience, but the desire to make a difference in the world,” Harmony Vallejo said in an interview.

This decision led to the creation of her own company, including a team of professionals who could support nonprofits: Universal Events Inc. The company’s mission is to strengthen the bond between nonprofits and ethical organizations and their communities.

Harmony leads an exceptional team of social media, communications, copywriting, accounting, and administrative experts in a collaborative environment.

“You have to find a team of like-minded people who really share your vision. Having professional experience is important, of course, but if they don’t have the same passion for the profession that you have, it may not be a good fit. I also believe in fostering a positive, collaborative environment that allows for everyone to excel. Being able to grow as a team really inspires everyone to work together for a common goal. I think that’s one of the best ways to build a successful team,” said Vallejo.

When she isn’t working to directly impact local and international nonprofits for the better, Vallejo writes articles and guides to teach nonprofits practical, step-by-step methods to harness social media, manage compliance paperwork, and succeed in their missions.

Net Worth

Harmony Vallejo’s net worth isn’t publicly known.


In 2022, Universal Events Inc. made a $15,000 donation to Tilly's Life Center in support of youth programming.
In 2020, Universal Events Inc. aided in generating $4,000,000 for Law Enforcement Against Drugs and Violence (LEAD).
Provided resources throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including participating in hygiene kit drives to provide care products for those in need.
Universal Events hosts regular toy drives every Christmas season for families in need.
Harmony Vallejo donated $10,000 to the East Bay charity and the gold sponsorship to Childhood Leukemia Foundation.