David Bensadoun


Chief Executive Officer of the Aldo group

David Bensadoun is the eldest son of the famous Canadian billionaire businessman Aldo Bensadoun, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Aldo group.

Early life

Born in 1970, David Bensadoun tried and tested various different career paths such as working in Operations, IT and Buying. In 1996, Bensadoun joined the Aldo Group and became the fourth Bensadoun generation to join the shoe business. In 2001, David experienced an advancement in his career, as he became the Executive leader of the shoe brand “Call It Spring”.


After David Bensadoun’s time at Call It Spring, he began work for the Aldo Group, successfully opening 250 new Aldo stores in the US in the span of 3 years. Due to his phenomenal leadership and people skills, David soon became the Chief Executive Officer of the Aldo group in April 2017. David turned out to be an outstanding CEO, as he participated in numerous projects which contributed to the transformation of the Aldo Group.


Not only did Bensadoun open 250 new Aldo stores in the US within 3 years of working for the Aldo Group, in 2019 Aldo generated around $1.5 billion in sales and has opened up more than 3000 stores worldwide.


Bensadoun studied at prestigious universities, completing his Bachelor's Degree at Queens University and a Master's Degree from the University of Cambridge.