Bill Malhotra


Bill Malhotra, a visionary in the real estate industry, is the founder and CEO of Claridge Homes, one of Ottawa’s largest property development firms. Malhotra established Claridge in 1986, and under his leadership, the company has built over 14,000 homes, including condos, houses, and retirement communities. He was born in India and received his education in civil engineering.

Early life

Bill was born in India and studied civil engineering before moving to Canada. Not much more is known about his family or early life in India. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Birla institute of Technology and Science (BITS) in Pilani.

After moving to Canada in 1971 at the age of 22, he began working for an engineering company. From 1977 to 1986, he served as the Chief Structural Engineer for the city of Ottawa before starting Claridge Homes. Claridge Icon, one of the company’s residential projects, holds the distinction of being Ottawa’s tallest building, towering at 469 feet.

His construction company also includes his two sons, Neil and Shawn, and 500 employees.


Bill Malhotra is a prominent figure in the real estate industry, recognized as the founder and CEO of Claridge Homes, a leading developer of residential properties in Ottawa, Canada. Malhotra established Claridge in 1986 and since then, the company has constructed over 14,000 homes, including condos, houses, and retirement communities.

The company is actually named after a luxury hotel in New Delhi, The Claridges, that Malhotra used to visit as a child with his father.

Before venturing into real estate, Malhotra was born in India and earned his degree in civil engineering. In 1971, he immigrated to Canada and took up work at an engineering firm. During the years of 1977 to 1986, Malhotra served as the Chief Structural Engineer for the city of Ottawa before deciding to start Claridge Homes.

One of the company’s most remarkable projects, the Claridge Icon, stands tall as Ottawa’s tallest building with a height of 469 feet.

In the year 2008, Bill Malhotra ventured into the construction of a 17-story condominium tower located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Currently, he is actively involved in multiple development projects in the Fort Lauderdale area, encompassing both condos and hotels.

From the early days, he has recognized that while real estate is a high risk business, there is a high reward capacity for those who are willing to take those chances. He says the key is to be focused, take calculations, and when you see an opportunity, go after it like a tiger.

It’s paid off well for the real estate mogul but his journey has also not been without some setbacks. For example, the crashing Florida market in 2005 to 2009 which he was a part of. In 30 years of development, he has learned many things about the real estate market and how to succeed.

Claridge Homes is known for its attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction and has received numerous awards and recognition for its work over the years. The company has a portfolio of diverse projects, ranging from single-family homes and townhouses to high-rise condos and mixed-use developments.

In addition to its core business of building homes, Claridge Homes is also active in the land development, construction management, and property management fields. Claridge Homes is dedicated to sustainable building practices and incorporates environmentally friendly features into its homes and communities wherever possible.

The Malhotra Family Foundation is a private foundation established by the Malhotra family of Claridge Homes, a top developer in Ottawa, Canada. The foundation is involved in charitable activities and is known for hosting annual SHARE Parties, which have cumulatively raised over $2 million for local charities since 2011.

The 10th annual SHARE Party, held at the Andaz hotel in the ByWard Market, raised $125,000 for the Ottawa Food Bank. The foundation chose to support the food bank in recognition of the record level of demand it has been facing due to the soaring cost of living and the current food insecurity crisis in the city. The donation was made to support people in the community and help the food bank address the unprecedented demand for its services.

This is just one example of the philanthropy work that Bill and the Malhotra family patriciate in each year to help their communities.

Through his hard work in various real estate projects over the decades, he has become one of the wealthiest self-made billionaires in Canada.

Net Worth

He is named one of the richest people in Ottawa. His net worth is estimated at $1.82 Billion. However, his exact net worth may not be publicly known.


Bill has received many achievements and awards throughout his career. One of these was the lifetime achievement award for 28 years in the industry, given by the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber. The award came just as he was breaking ground on the city’s highest condo tower, the Claridge Icon.

“I am proud to start the Icon. I am excited about it. There has been a lot of talk around town that the project would never go,” Bill said. “When we put the shovel in the ground, it will send a clear message to the whole community that if you do it right and still believe, it will work.”

He received Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

He has received recognition for his charitable activities and those done though the Malhotra Family Foundation and has received recognitions for his contributions to the real estate industry over the past 30 years.