Adam Gant

GTA, Ontario

Adam Gant is a Canadian entrepreneur, author and thought leader who has studied housing finance extensively and imagined innovative new models of home ownership, including shared equity. His dedication to providing housing for families extends to charities focused on shelter, education and empowerment.

Early life

Adam Gant grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley.

He studied engineering physics at the University of British Columbia, where he also developed an interest in the fields of real estate and finance. This interest would eventually lead him to change his career plans and pursue opportunities in real estate development and investment.

In addition to his degree from the University of British Columbia, Adam Gant has attended an array of executive education programs, including “Mergers and Acquisitions” and “Financial Management” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

He was a member of the class of 2011 EO Entrepreneurial Masters hosted by MIT at the Endicott College in Boston. This intensive entrepreneurial education showcased speakers and business owners from around the world. Adam Gant also became a CFA charter holder in the fall of 2022.

Adam Gant


Adam Gant has a depth of experience across a range of real estate specialties, including residential, retail, office, industrial, hospitality, land development, and senior care.

He also has experience with both privately held real estate funds and public real estate investment vehicles. He has travelled around the world, from Southeast Asia and Singapore to Eastern Europe and looked at the housing models used in different countries.

Adam Gant learned a great deal from the challenges real estate professionals faced in the 2008-2009 credit crisis. During this time he completed extensive research on mortgage markets and housing across the globe, adapting the innovative approaches he discovered to North American markets.

Based on his new insights and growing expertise, Adam Gant began to emerge as a thought leader in the industry, known for his creative solutions to problems with the housing finance system. One of his unique housing fund structure and design concepts is “shared equity,” an idea he touched on in a book he authored, “A House Shared.”

Adam Gant takes a holistic approach to devising home financing solutions, taking into account how central bank strategies, immigration policy and market trends affect the ability of individuals and families to find affordable housing in Canada.

Today, Adam Gant serves as an advisor to multiple real estate groups, including REAfe Advisory, providing experience-based solutions to an array of clients. Adam Gant assists real estate businesses in their efforts to surmount obstacles, seize opportunities, streamline operations and boost cash flow.

REAfe Advisory provides guidance in all aspects of real estate acquisition, finance, development and management, including capital structuring and sourcing funding. From planning to execution, REAfe Advisory helps real estate companies achieve maximum value and liquidity.

Adam Gant

Net Worth

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Beyond the office, Adam Gant is a committed philanthropist, focusing on causes related to economic empowerment, human rights, and the alleviation of poverty. As a real estate professional, he knows that one of the best ways to eliminate poverty is to help organizations that strengthen communities by building needed structures, from homes to health clinics.
Live Different is a prime example. The organization works to improve conditions for families in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and focuses on construction projects that are making a real difference in poor communities. More than a donor, Gant also volunteered and worked closely with Vaden Earle, the best-selling author who co-founded Live Different.
The Silhouette Foundation is another focus of Adam Gant’s philanthropy. One current project of the Foundation is a book Adam Gant and Vaden Earle are writing that will provide a roadmap to people who want to make a difference in the lives of others, and want to master effective strategies for achieving this. The book recounts relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
In his own community, Adam Gant is a strong supporter of the Our Place Society, which is devoted to helping people in Victoria. He volunteers at the charity’s inner-city community center serving Victoria’s most vulnerable: the working poor, the impoverished elderly, the mentally and physically challenged, and the homeless.
Also in his local community, Adam Gant advised and facilitated the transaction for the Greater Victoria Housing Society in its $2 million dollar acquisition of a 19-unit apartment building. These homes became part of the Society’s affordable rental program, which provides long-term housing to those most in need.
When Adam Gant isn’t engaged with his many pursuits in business, real estate, and philanthropy, he leads an active lifestyle. He has trained with the National Rowing Team at their facilities in Victoria. He also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and mountain climbing.
The challenges associated with mountain climbing provide a template for success in real estate and many other endeavors. Each adventure requires setting a goal, and planning carefully to achieve it. It is a test of strength and creative thinking that teaches the importance of self-imposed limits, rest, and relaxation, as well as intensity.
Waiting at the end of it all is the sense of achievement, when the mountain is conquered and a climber stands at the top of the world, triumphant.