Aaron Wolfe

Aaron Wolfe, an investor and entrepreneur residing in Toronto, is dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential and attain their aspirations.

He aims to enrich the world by supporting small and medium-sized private businesses, offering advice, strategies, and solutions that facilitate their growth objectives and operational goals.

Early life

Aaron Wolfe embarked on his academic journey at the Richard Ivey School of Business located in London, Ontario, where he obtained a degree in business.


After starting his career in Consulting at Mercer, Aaron Wolfe made a transition to Investment Banking at Macquarie Capital Markets Canada, the Canadian division of Macquarie Bank. However, in 2009, he left the investment banking world to embark on a career anchored in principal investing, which sees him continually evaluating companies and their business plans.

Since then, he has partnered with various merchant banks and family offices to provide capital solutions and foster growth initiatives. Aaron has worked with both public and private companies and has served on the Board of Directors and as a Named Executive Officer for publicly listed companies.

In 2022, Aaron co-founded SagePoint Capital Partners, where he now serves as a Partner, continuing his mission of empowering entrepreneurs. Throughout the years, Aaron has been a part of the founding group or an early-stage investor in five businesses, all of which have grown to $1+ billion in enterprise value, making him an invaluable resource to any entrepreneur or company looking to unlock their potential.

Aaron has gained widespread respect within the investment and entrepreneurial community, with his expertise making him a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and solutions to advance their companies.


In November 2010, Rodinia Lithium Inc., where Wolfe served as VP, Corporate Development, closed a strategic investment and business relationship with Hong Kong Shanshan Resources Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd., China’s largest lithium-ion battery materials provider.
In April 2012, Wolfe and the team at Rodinia Lithium Inc., raised $4.5 million by selling an innovative new security “Potash Stream Preferred Shares,” allowing the Company to raise funds in a non-dilutive way with investors getting direct economic interest in the Company’s co-product, potash.
In 2013, Wolfe appeared on Episode 18 of The Next Biggest Winner, a leading and nationally televised investment show focusing on small-cap and mid-cap companies. He was there as Vice President Corporate Development of Black Iron Inc. and discussed its 100%-owned Shymanivske Project in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine. The episode aired across Canada.
In 2014, Wolfe appeared on the Investing News channel on YouTube, once again to discuss Black Iron Inc. and its Shymanivske Project in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine. He also appeared on the show in 2012 to discuss his work with Rodinia Lithium Inc., where Wolfe worked as Vice President Corporate Development.
In July 2014, Wolfe and the Black Iron team completed a joint venture partnership and investment with Metinvest B.V., Ukraine’s preeminent iron ore and steel producer, for US$20 million up front and a commitment to fund up to and additional US$536 million (half of the equity capital required for construction).
In 2016, Orla Mining, where Wolfe sat on the board of directors and was previously its CEO, completed a merger with Pershimco Resources, creating a new gold company in the Americas.
In May 2017, Mira VII Acquisition Corp., where Wolfe was a strategic advisor, completed a qualifying transaction to bring Goodfood Market Corp. public on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
In December 2017, Nuuvera Corp., where Wolfe was a seed investor, and Mira IX Acquisition Corp., where Wolfe was a strategic advisor, completed a qualifying transaction to bring Nuuvera public on the TSX-Venture Exchange. Nuuvera Inc. began trading on January 8, 2018.
On January 29, 2018, Nuuvera Inc. announced it had agreed to be bought by Aphria Inc. for $826 million.
In October 2020, Mira X Acquisition Corp., where Wolfe served as a strategic advisor, completed a qualifying transaction to bring GURU Organic Energy Corp. public on the Toronto Stock Exchange.