Shoaib Khan

Toronto, Canada

Shoaib Khan is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 1999, he founded Clearoute Inc., a consulting company headquartered in Toronto that concentrates on matters relating to technology and innovation; while in 2017, Khan founded M Worldwide Inc., a strategic investment firm. Khan is also the creator of several humanitarian organizations, of which Humanti, a global relief organization with an ambitious and expansive mandate, is the most prominent.

Early life

Raised by a single mother who immigrated to Canada, Shoaib Khan learned at a young age that hard work, discipline, and perseverance were necessary traits to cultivate in order to achieve his desired goals. Khan attended York University in Toronto, Ontario, which he credits with giving him the practical academic background that laid the foundation for his later success in business.

After graduating, he entered the professional world, first as a manager with Dell Computers from 2002-2004, then as a manager with Toronto Dominion Bank 2004-2006, and then as a senior consultant with Aimia Inc. until 2011. But throughout this portion of his career, Khan never lost sight of his vision of building a successful company of his own. In fact, while holding these positions, Khan had been working diligently to grow his own consulting firm, Clearoute Inc., since first conceiving it in 1999.


As Clearoute Inc. gained a reputation for providing innovative solutions to an ever-increasing roster of high-profile clients, Shoaib Khan found himself in a position to stop working for others and devote his complete attention to his own burgeoning company. In his role as founder and CEO of Clearoute, he focused its efforts on addressing the core business pillars of technology, marketing, branding, sales, and finance. Shoaib Khan entered into partnerships with such prestige brands as Google, AOL, Pepsi, Honda and General Motors, among many others.

In 2017, building on the momentum of Clearoute’s success, Shoaib Khan established M Worldwide Inc., an investment firm specializing in real estate and technological ventures, as well as enterprises rooted in the media, marketing, and consumer goods industries.

All totaled, Khan has amassed over three decades of consulting and investment experience, and personally overseen more than a billion dollars in venture capital.

When questioned about his operational philosophy in December of 2023, Khan replied, “I think every industry today, and every business and every relationship, every department, every current business model needs to be challenged. We can’t settle for the status quo.”

As his career continued to flourish, Shoaib Khan began to feel an undeniable pull toward the humanitarian sector. Responding to this, Khan founded One Parent, an organization dedicated to providing aid and support for single-parent families both within Canada and globally—a cause that is understandably close to his heart due to his own upbringing.

However, in 2016, Khan made the decision to broaden his charitable endeavours beyond the scope of helping this one particular group, and changed the organization’s name to Humaniti in order to better reflect the organization’s new and more universal mandate. As a general relief nonprofit, Humaniti’s stated mission is to promote social justice, empower communities, and advance the cause of human rights all over the world.

When combined with his passion for philanthropy, Khan’s powerful skill set of incubating ideas, fostering their implementation, and scaling the results have led Humaniti to facilitate positive outcomes and uplift the lives of countless people in only eight short years. Emblematic of this is Humaniti’s ‘Heal’ campaign, which is an international program providing much-needed resources and support for people who don’t have access to proper medical care, including treating preventable illnesses and providing life-saving heart surgeries to infants and children. ‘Heal’ is also responsible for a great deal of logistical work, such as delivering equipment, supplying medicine, and setting up clinics in hard-to-reach places across the globe, including those afflicted by natural disasters and conflict.

“When I launched Humaniti in 2016, I talked about my desire to etch a positive mark on the fabric of humanity,” Shoaib Khan said of his marquee charity in a profile published in February of 2024. “Our goal is to add love and hope to our world, and to help often-desperate people to have faith in themselves and reach for their dreams.”

Whether it be in the business world or the humanitarian sector, Shoaib Khan believes in taking a comprehensive approach to the world’s problems and then employing creative methods to find and enact targeted solutions.


Creating Clearoute Inc. and guiding its development into one of Canada’s premiere consulting companies.
Founding the investment firm M Worldwide Inc., overseeing its ventures into a plethora of industries, and managing more than one billion dollars in total funds.
The establishment of Humaniti, a charitable entity engaged in goodwill campaigns and relief projects throughout the world.