Scott Biddle


Scott Biddle is an Ontario logistics entrepreneur whose company, Scotlynn, serves the transportation needs of farmers and agricultural companies across Canada.

Early life

Many of Scott Biddle’s early years were spent working at a farm, local market and food terminal in Ontario, Canada. During this time, he learned key aspects of agriculture and the logistics business. Beyond acquiring knowledge, these experiences also instilled a passion for farming and transportation, which would ultimately inspire Scott to create Scotlynn, North America’s premier agricultural logistics company.


Early in his career, Scott added a new dimension to his knowledge of logistics by driving trucks, in addition to his work at the Toronto Food Terminal. In these roles he forged connections with produce buyers and refined his understanding of agricultural transportation. He learned the importance of time-sensitive, temperature-controlled transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

With this experience, he founded Scotlynn in 1993. What started as a small, regional logistics company soon expanded across Ontario and throughout Canada. More recently, the company has established a presence in Florida and Indiana.

Scott Biddle resolved to advance the logistics industry by providing businesses with a more efficient and customized solution for their transportation needs. As CEO of Scotlynn, he is always looking for new ways to improve the supply chain and is committed to finding new solutions that will help companies streamline their operations, accelerate growth and increase revenue.

A results-driven entrepreneur, he is a leader in his industry and a mentor to many in the transportation field. Scott credits much of his success to his strong work ethic, as well as his focus on people and technology. He believes in finding the right people, and allowing them to thrive in a flexible, innovative and rewarding environment.

Over the years this has created a highly skilled workforce that mirrors his own dedication to quality, hard work and profitable results. Employees benefit from exceptional perks, including a gym program for all workers, an on-site fitness trainer in every office, and nutritious food throughout the shift. Scott invests in their success, giving them the resources they need to succeed in their roles and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Scott continually seeks new ways to add efficiency and value to the business.

Net Worth

Not available.


By creating Scotlynn, Scott Biddle set out to provide high-quality, customized transportation and logistics services to major Canadian shippers. The company has become an integral part of the distribution system of many large agricultural businesses.
Scotlynn serves manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors across Canada. The company’s equipment is state-of-the-art, and the personnel are top-tier, motivated professionals who are attuned to customers’ needs.
In 2010 Scott opened his company’s first U.S. office in Fort Myers, Florida. This branch includes a fleet of trucks, a freight brokerage, and serves as a fresh produce sales office. Scotlynn has now expanded to Tampa and Indianapolis, as well.