Sam Bendavid


Sam Bendavid is the Vice President of Corporate Development of Transcontinental. He has in-depth knowledge of a range of sectors in Canada and the US and has a proven record of success in executing transformational, accretive corporate transactions, leading strategic operations, and managing teams.

Early life

Not a lot is publicly known about Sam Bendavid’s early life and family.

He has a Graduate Diploma in Management from McGill University. Bendavid then studied engineering at Concordia University. From there, he became a CFA Chartholder at CFA Institute. And he later received his MBA at Université de Montréal – HEC Montréal.


Sam Bendavid has been working as a Senior Vice President Advanced Coatings Group and Procurement for a bit over three years. Previously, Bendavid worked as a Vice President Corporate Development and Chief Integration Officer, and Associate, Venture Capital, and Hedge Fund Equity Analyst.

Approximately twelve years ago, Sam Bendavid joined the packaging and printing company, Transcontinental, as a financial analyst. He employed a dual strategy for advancing his career within the company.

First, he adopted the mindset of a top executive, envisioning himself as the owner of the business and acting accordingly. Secondly, he combined this executive mindset with a strong work ethic, consistently going above and beyond to perform and deliver results. These tactics worked out well for him, as he is very successful and well-known in the industry.

Today, Bendavid is responsible for divesting underperforming assets and acquiring new ones that will benefit the company. One such acquisition was Coveris, a packaging company, which added over $1 billion to Transcontinental’s annual revenue.

Transcontinental Inc. is involved in the flexible packaging industry and operates in six regions, including Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The company is divided into three main divisions: Packaging, Printing, and Media. The Packaging division is focused on the production and recycling of flexible plastic packaging solutions, such as rollstock, bags and pouches, coextruded films, shrink films and bags, and advanced coatings, using processes such as extrusion, lamination, printing, and converting.

When he was freshly graduated, Bendavid began his career as a hedge fund analyst at Palos Capital. He did this from June 2004 to March 2007. In this role, he would develop and maintain financial models that forecast company cash flows and earnings. He also analyzed industry, and economic trends as well as building company-specific spreadsheets models, and estimated the impact on portfolios. He also maintained and built relationships with sell-side analysts and management of companies of interest, to perform due diligence for proper investment assessment. Bendavid participated in the portfolio construction process including daily monitoring, rebalancing, and evaluation as well as transaction cost and model evaluation.

After that, he was promoted to Associate Venture Capitalist at Palos, from April 2007 to April 2008. From here, he also had to play a senior role in the research, analysis, and evaluation of a variety of investment opportunities. He would help to prepare valuation analysis, including DCF, and precedent/comparable transactions, prepare investment reports for the investment committee, and assist in deal structuring, among many other tasks.

In April 2008, he moved to Vice President Corporate Development and Chief Integration Officer at TC Transcontinental in Montreal, Quebec, Canada until January 2020. His many tasks and expectations in this role included managing and coordinating due diligence review and integration process, leading M&A approach, and negotiations of business terms and conditions including preparing the business for sale, business, and strategic planning in various industries, and identifying the strategic merits/issues of corporate development initiatives across a broad spectrum of functional areas such as sales, web services or information systems, and much more.

He then moved to Senior Vice President Advanced Coatings Group and Procurement at TC Transcontinental in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which is where he remains today. In this full-time position, he does many of the same tasks he did in his VP role, as well as some new responsibilities. He is essentially the head and the face of the company he has worked tirelessly in for 15 years.

His skills in the industry include mergers, financial modeling, valuations, financial analysis, due diligence, strategic planning, business strategy, venture capital, corporate finance, and strategic partnerships.

He holds a CFA certificate, as well as a CFA Institute CE Program 10-Year Milestone. He speaks English and French.

Net Worth

Sam Bendavid’s net worth is not publicly known.


Sam Bendavid has received many recognitions throughout his career. This includes being chosen as one of Canada’s 50 Best Executives in 2020. He was chosen for leading his company through COVID-19 and helping to build a better country in the process.