Ryan Peake


Canadian musician Ryan Peake is best known for his work with the rock group Nickelback as their rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, backup vocalist, and co-songwriter. Peake was born in Brooks, Alberta, Canada, on March 1, 1973. His talents to the band have greatly influenced Nickelback’s sound and success, making them one of the 21st century’s best-selling musical groups.

Early life

Ryan Peake was born on March 1, 1973 in Brooks, Alberta, Canada. Peake’s passion for music began in his early years.

His upbringing in the sleepy Albertan hamlet of Hanna was shaped by his family’s musical preferences as well as the modest but vibrant local music scene. Peake showed an early aptitude for playing instruments and picked up the guitar and piano fast.

His early musical development was also influenced by the solitude and camaraderie of small-town living, which inspired him to work with people who shared his interest, including future Nickelback members.


Ryan Peake’s career took a significant turn when he co-founded Nickelback in 1995 with brothers Chad and Mike Kroeger and drummer Brandon Kroeger. The band’s name originated from the nickel in change that Mike Kroeger frequently gave customers at his job, often saying, “Here’s your nickel back.” Their early work involved a grueling schedule of performances and self-promotion, with Peake playing a crucial role in songwriting and development.

Nickelback’s breakthrough came with their third album, “Silver Side Up,” in 2001, featuring the hit single “How You Remind Me,” which became a radio and sales phenomenon. As the band’s rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, Peake’s harmony and musicianship have been integral to their signature sound, characterized by catchy rock hooks and relatable lyrics.

Peake’s early musical influences included bands like Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth. His foundation was firmly established in heavy metal. After learning about the Canadian country rock group Blue Rodeo, he developed a wider appreciation for music and began to consider chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies in greater detail. Peake first joined forces with Chad and Mike Kroeger to form Village Idiot, a cover band that mostly played Metallica songs in bars near their Hanna, Alberta, Canada, hometown. After a while, this group changed its name to Nickelback, and Peake was instrumental in providing early funding for it by getting a $30,000 loan from a nearby bank. Peake frequently used Fender Telecasters for his performances in his early career.

Peake has remained a vital component of Nickelback throughout the years, helping the group to achieve continuing success. They have put out multiple albums, all of which show how much Peake has developed as a songwriter and performer. His versatility as an instrument player and his supporting vocals give the band’s performances more nuance and variation.

Peake’s spouse is Treana Peake, a fashion designer and philanthropist residing in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. She dedicates her efforts to her charitable fashion enterprise, Obakki. The pair, who first crossed paths in high school, share their lives with two children. Peake often shares the music he’s creating with his family, including his wife, son, daughter, and brother, seeking their input and insights.

Net Worth

Ryan Peake’s net worth is a testament to his successful career with Nickelback. It is an estimated $65 million, as of 2023.


Peake has many notable achievements throughout his career. Here are some highlights:

Multiple Award Nominations and Wins: Including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Juno Awards, reflecting the band's critical acclaim and industry recognition.
Commercial Success: Several of Nickelback's albums have achieved multi-platinum status, marking them as one of the best-selling bands worldwide.
Hit Singles: Contributed to numerous hit singles like "How You Remind Me," which was a chart-topping success and helped define the band's sound and success.
International Tours: Played in sold-out tours across the globe, bringing their music to millions of fans and showcasing their live performance skills.
Songwriting and Musicianship: Recognized for his role in co-writing many of Nickelback's songs and for his multi-instrumental contributions to the band's recordings and performances.
Longevity in the Music Industry: Sustained a successful career over decades with Nickelback, adapting to changes in the music industry while maintaining a loyal fan base.

These achievements highlight Ryan Peake’s significant contributions to Nickelback’s success and his personal accomplishments as a musician.


Ryan Peake is active on social media, where he shares insights into his personal life, music, and tours with Nickelback.