Pauline Dhillon


Pauline Dhillon is the Chief Corporate Officer (CCO) at Cargojet, an Airlines, Airports, and Air Services company with around 1,560 employees. The company was established in 2002 and is based in Mississauga, Canada. Pauline holds a C-level management position at Cargojet and previously worked at the Rockford Public School District.

Early life

Not much is on public record about the early life of Pauline Dhillon. She appears to keep her personal life out of the public eye.


Pauline Dhillon began her career in the Rockford Public School District as a Connections Manager from 1997 to 1999. She also worked at Mounds View Public School District as a District Suspention Coordinator in 2016.

She has experience in transportation and logistics in Maritime, Air and Customs sector.

She was also VP of Marketing, Public and Government Relations for Cargojet Income Fund. Pauline Dhillon also holds the position of Chief Operating Officer of Richberry Farms Ltd.

Cargojet, established in 2002, is a Canadian air cargo service provider that operates time-sensitive overnight flights between 14 cities in North America. They also offer scheduled international routes and specialty charter services for livestock shipments, military equipment movements, emergency relief supplies and other large shipments in North America, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Cargojet provides aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance services and is also involved in crew planning, crew training, ground handling, and commercial airline cargo management. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Mississauga, Canada, and operates a fleet of 27 aircraft – a subsidiary of Flagship International Marketing Limited.

For the period ending September 30, 2022, Cargojet Inc. reported a 37% increase in revenue, totaling C$712.9 million. The company’s net income also saw a significant increase from C$65.4 million to C$187.9 million. The growth in revenue can be attributed to increased demand for Cargojet’s products and services in favorable market conditions. The boost in net income was due to a fair value increase on stock worth C$133.2 million (income) and a decrease in bonuses and incentives expenses of 49% to C$4.5 million. This can be attributed to the leadership team, including Dhillon.

Pauline Dhillon possesses abundant knowledge in the field of transportation and logistics, with expertise in air, maritime, and customs operations. She has been a crucial part of Cargojet, North America’s largest cargo airline, since its establishment.

As the head of Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Relations at Cargojet, Dhillon is responsible for enhancing the company’s image, both locally and globally. She has been actively involved in building the Cargojet brand and plays a significant role in its development.

The company has used a team-focused approach to help set a course for growth and has been very successful over the past few years with this method and leadership. Although they were founded just a bit over 20 years ago, it is not the leading cargo air service provider in all of Canada. It delivers more than 1.4 million kilograms of goods – including everything from lobsters to flowers, medical equipment, and even automobiles. Anything that needs to be moved across the country can be moved with Cargojet.

They have an excellent on-time rate of 98.5% deliveries and back in 2021 the company acquired nine additional jets to match their growth. Of these, four were 777s, which have double the capacity. Dhillon explained that these 777s helped ready the company for expansion into the international market as well.

But none of it would be possible, she says, without the dedicated team of 1,300 people who work across the country to help make Cargojet great. “Our greatest strength is our team. Our team allows us to win every night,” Dhillon says. She has played an active role in developing the brand and helping it grow since her time.

As Cargojet continues to expand, Dhillon is committed to maintaining the team spirit that has made the company successful to date. “We built our core values, we’ve got a strong team, we’ve got an excellent customer base that supports us, we’ve got great partners. It’s just the beginning of a wonderful future for the company,” she said.

Net Worth

Pauline Dhillon’s exact net worth is not known but she is said to have public assets of over $900,000.


Pauline Dhillon has seen notable achievements throughout her career, especially with how she has helped further the growth and success of Cargojet.