Noufal Mais


Noufal Mais is an optometrist and entrepreneur based in Fort McMurray, AB. He is the Founder and CEO of The Eye Centre and Alliance Eye Doctors franchises.


Dr. Noufal Mais, an optometrist and entrepreneur from Alberta, founded The Eye Centre franchise in order to expand access to innovative, affordable eye care solutions throughout Western Canada. Since opening his first practice in the same year he received his D.O., Dr. Mais has gone on to open six additional branches, with two more scheduled to open within the year.

Following a model of providing high-quality eye care in small-town locations, Dr. Mais has had success with the franchise, which now operates at four different locations after starting out in Drayton Valley, AB. The next location will open next month in Yorkton, SK.

From the beginning, Dr. Mais’ priority has been to provide personalized, patient-centric care through the use of high-quality diagnostic and treatment tools. At each of his branches, he ensures that his patients feel educated about their choices and their particular needs. He focuses on building trust, and his patients have rewarded him with their loyalty.

Dr. Mais emphasizes the need to stay on top of current trends in eye care. If there’s an improvement to be had in his ability to diagnose and treat his patients, he makes sure to invest in it. He feels it’s a promise he’s made to his patients and his staff.

Dr. Mais also founded Alliance Eye Doctors, with three branches in Regina and Saskatoon, SK. He is currently preparing to launch a new telehealth initiative, Digital Optometric Services, offering high-quality remote eye care to rural Saskatchewanians.

In addition to his popular eye care offices, Dr. Noufal Mais manages a Mobile Eye Clinic which travels to rural indigenous towns and work camps across Western Canada.

By staying focused on a patient-centric approach, along with an emphasis on best business practices, Dr. Noufal Mais has built two successful eye care franchises, providing thousands of Canadians with access to high-quality, affordable optometry solutions.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Dr. Mais maintains an active lifestyle. He enjoys fishing, soccer, basketball, boxing, golf, and workouts at the gym. He prioritizes optimal health in both his life and his practice.

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