Mark Litwin

Toronto, Ontario

Mark Litwin is an experienced Canadian entrepreneur who is currently the President of Mar-risa Holdings, a private equity firm in Toronto, Canada.

Early life

Mark Litwin is a native of Toronto, Ontario. He received an undergraduate degree from York University, and in 1987, he received an M.B.A. from York University’s Schulich School of Business.


Mark Litwin’s success is rooted in a firm understanding of strategic planning and financing. As President of Mar-risa Holdings Inc., he leads a private equity team that specializes in the healthcare, real estate and financial industries.

As an investor, Mark has focused on the real estate industry in particular. He offers his clients over 35 years of experience with commercial and residential real estate development, tenant relations and the intricacies of real estate transactions.

Mark’s approach is focused on building partnerships with entrepreneurs. He provides advice as a former entrepreneur himself, with an understanding of the obstacles and the need for innovative, forward-thinking business strategies. Under his leadership, Mar-risa Holdings has established itself as a leading Canadian investor in mid-size businesses with inherent growth potential.

Mark Litwin has served as a Senior Vice President and President of Forum Financial Corporation, a private equity firm begun by Mark’s father, Fred A. Litwin, in the 1980s. Forum Financial Corporation evolved from a private merchant bank to a family office private equity fund with partnerships in healthcare, real estate and banking. Its executives possess experience as professional investors dating back to 1967. Their focus is on developing long-term, fruitful relationships with the founders of the companies in which they invest.

Mark has carried the family office ethic of integrity and honesty into each of his business ventures, prioritizing the establishment of a mutual trust with his clients and his team members. He has proven adept at identifying and partnering with uniquely positioned companies and guiding them through tremendous growth cycles. His approach centers on providing strategic and operational expertise through a deep understanding of the industries he invests, culminating in sustained financial success. Many of Mark’s partners have become integral components of a healthy Canadian economy.

Mark Litwin is a dedicated philanthropist, providing leadership for the family’s charitable arm, the Fred A. Litwin Foundation. The Foundation targets support for cancer research and outpatient care at Canada’s premiere hospital networks. Through the Toronto Rehab University Health Network, Mark and the foundation have established the Fred A. Litwin Outpatient Clinic. Other initiatives include the Samuel Lunenfeld Cancer Genetic Research Centre and the Fred A. Litwin Family Centre of Genetic Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Mark Litwin served as a Board Member at Mount Sinai for fifteen years, and for seven years, he was a board member of the Toronto Rehab Foundation.

Net Worth