Larry Weltman


Larry Weltman is a customer service representative at AccessEasyFunds, a trusted name in the real estate commissions advance industry in Canada, and the founder of Weltman Consulting.

Early life

Larry Weltman grew up in South Africa and graduated from one of the country’s top universities, the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.


Larry Weltman began his career as an accountant, and after accumulating significant experience in the industry, started with AccessEasyFunds (AEF) in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hills in 2007 when the company was first formed.

The company delivers cash flow solutions for real estate agents by providing them with commission advances. AccessEasyFunds eliminates the agents’ usual long waiting period for commissions on sales by paying out these commissions at affordable rates.

Since the firm’s inception, Larry has helped grow AccessEasyFunds into a leading name in the real estate commissions industry in Canada. He is known as a customer service representative, but his influence on the company has been more extensive than the modest title would suggest. He has played key roles in the research, development and implementation of AccessEasyFunds’ concept and technology & marketing and growth.

In addition, he has helped implement new technologies in order to better serve AEF clients. An example of this is AccessEasyFunds’ free new mobile app, which helps clients readily access the company’s commission advance services.

Larry Weltman also applies his talents to help real estate professionals through his new consulting firm, which he founded in 2022. Weltman Consulting specializes in strategic planning, administration, management consulting, and marketing guidance for Canadian real estate agents and brokerages. He saw a need to create a resource for independent realtors who take on myriad responsibilities to run their businesses, such as compliance requirements, budgeting decisions and marketing challenges. Meanwhile, the real estate sales market in Ontario was undergoing major changes, including greater competition that has steadily eroded real estate agents’ traditional commissions. Weltman Consulting steps into the breach by offering realtors and real estate brokerages consulting services that help them operate a successful real estate sales business — not simply to survive, but to grow and thrive. This includes drafting and modifying business plans, creating winning marketing strategies, managing cash flow and streamlining administration.

In every detail and every transaction, customer service is at the heart of the resources and services Larry Weltman provides to clients. He is committed to providing every customer with personal attention, precise knowledge, trusted guidance and friendly service. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and knowledge is also central to his approach to his work. To him, the imperative to accumulate knowledge also brings with it a commitment to share that knowledge with his clients, so that they make informed decisions that will allow them to avoid common pitfalls and seize exceptional opportunities.

Larry Weltman is frequently in discussion with by industry leaders, journalists, financial analysts and others who seek to understand trends in the southern Ontario real estate market, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Beyond his day-to-day work, he regularly publishes articles and gives interviews related to the real estate industry, with a particular emphasis on guiding young real estate professionals who are starting out in their own independent real estate practices. He often urges new professionals to treat real estate as a serious business, not as an investment game. Attached to every number is a real person, he believes. The bottom line of every balance sheet is a real family with a dream of home ownership.


Education: University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Leading customer service representative: AccessEasyFunds, Toronto area, Canada