Jamie Clarke

Calgary, Alberta

Jamie Clarke is a Canadian entrepreneur, public speaker, sports mentor, associate professor of business, and author of two published books. However, he is perhaps best known as an adventurer and outdoorsman. He has reached the summit of many of Earth’s tallest mountains and traversed several of the planet’s most unforgiving deserts. Clarke is the co-founder and former chief executive of Live Out There Inc., a brick-and-mortar business turned e-commerce company that sold mountaineer clothing and accessories between 2002 and 2018.

Early life

Born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada in 1968, Jamie Clarke first fell in love with the outdoors at a young age through spending time with his family hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. In his teen years, he began to cross-country ski competitively, enjoying substantial success at the national level. Between the ages of 17 and 18, he appeared in small roles in the motion pictures Rad as the character ‘Luke’, and Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star as the character ‘Leo’.


Jamie Clarke has explored many career paths and undertaken many different endeavours over the course of his life, but one thing he has consistently done is court adventure. He is an expert mountaineer, having climbed Mount Everest four times between 1991 and 2010 and summiting twice, once while testing a new extreme weather ‘Super Suit’ on behalf of HanesBrands. He has reached the top of the highest peaks on all seven continents, becoming one of only a handful of people who have completed the so-called ‘Seven Summits’. In 1999, Clarke earned the distinction of being the first Westerner in a half-century to successfully cross Arabia’s Rub’ al Khali, also known as the ‘Empty Quarter’. He has also organized and led expeditions into the wilds of countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Peru, among others. His most recent adventure involved crossing the vast Mongolian Desert alongside his son, Khobe, with whom he then proceeded to climb Mongolia’s largest mountain, Khüiten Peak.

In 1997, Jamie Clarke worked in conjunction with co-author Alan Hobson to chronicle his first experience summiting the tallest mountain in the world in the book The Power of Passion. The book was later re-published as Above All Else: The Everest Dream. Clarke wrote his second book in 2000, this time without the aid of a co-author. Everest to Arabia: the Making of an Adventuresome Life was released in 2000, and is equal parts travel diary, autobiography, and philosophical work.

Jamie Clarke is also a highly regarded and in-demand public speaker, a career that he began in earnest in 1992. Drawing from his wealth of experience as an adventurer and outdoorsman, he delivers keynote addresses at an array of corporate and professional events, touching on topics such as risk assessment, decision-making under extreme circumstances, and weathering storms—both literal and metaphorical. He has spoken to audiences from such prestigious companies and organizations as American Express, Audi, the National Security Agency (NSA), Kraft Foods, Kellogg’s, General Motors, IBM, Bausch & Lomb, Pfizer, Men’s Journal, The Wall Street Journal, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Jamie Clarke delved into the world of entrepreneurship in 2002 when he co-founded Live Out There Inc. with his partner George Achilleos. Live Out There Inc.’s original incarnation was a brick-and-mortar business that sold mountaineer clothing and equipment in downtown Calgary, but it eventually transitioned into an e-commerce company. Clarke served as CEO of the company until his exit in 2018.

As a sports mentor, Clarke has counseled many Olympians and elite pro athletes. He has also acted as a consultant for organizations such as the NFL, Hockey Canada, and the 2018 Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals.

Jamie Clarke is currently an adjunct associate professor and fellow at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne Business School. There, he teaches and mentors business students based out of the school’s Centre for Advanced Leadership.

Net Worth



Appearing in the motion pictures Rad and Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star, both in 1986.
Writing and publishing the book The Power of Passion (later re-published as Above All Else: The Everest Dream) with co-author Alan Hobson in 1997.
Becoming the first Westerner in 50 years to cross Arabia’s Rub’ al Khali, also known as the ‘Empty Quarter’, in 1999.
Writing and publishing the book Everest to Arabia: the Making of an Adventuresome Life in 2000.
Co-founding Live Out There Inc. with George Achilleos in 2002.
Organizing and leading expeditions to successfully reach the summits of the highest mountains on each of Earth’s seven continents, or so-called ‘Seven Summits’, over the course of 15 years: Mount Aconcagua in 1993, Mount McKinley in 1996, Mount Everest in 1997, Mount Kilimanjaro in 2001, Mount Elbrus in 2005, Vinson Massif in 2006, and Carstenz Pyramid in 2008.
Successfully summiting Mount Everest for a second time, this time while testing HanesBrands ‘Super Suit’, in 2010.
Crossing the Mongolian Desert alongside his son Khobe, then proceeding to scale Khüiten Peak, Mongolia’s highest mountain, in 2019.