Galen Weston JR

Galen Weston Jr is a successful Canadian businessman and a member of the prominent Weston family. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of George Weston Limited, as well as Chairman and President of Loblaw Companies Limited.

Early life

Born in Dublin, Ireland on December 19, 1972, Galen Weston Jr is the son of Willard Gordon Galen Weston, British-Canadian billionaire businessman and Chairman Emeritus of George Weston Limited, a Canadian food processing and distribution company. In 1974, Weston and his family moved to Canada.


Weston Jr was always a studious kid and graduated from Upper Canada College with high grades. He later pursued an AB Degree from Harvard University and then an MBA from Colombia University. Through studying in such prestigious universities, Weston Jr developed and mastered numerous skills needed for a successful corporate career.


Weston Jr worked in Loblaw Companies as a member of their Board of Directors for approximately eight years before he took over the company in October 2006. This was the largest supermarket chain worth 9.5 billion dollars. In 2017, Galen Weston Jr succeeded his father as the Chief Executive Officer of George Weston Limited. He was featured in many television and radio commercials for Loblaws and its large line of great products. In December 2017, Loblaw and its parent company George Weston Limited faced a huge scandal that involved their role in price-fixing some packaged bread products. However, Galen Weston Jr addressed this, telling the media that he is against such behaviour and reported this to the Competition Bureau. Weston Jr fired all employees involved in price-fixing and took a step ahead by improving the compliance programs with measures that are industry-leading.