Frank Monte

Frank Monte is a valued member of Brands Gone Wild’s leadership team. Currently, he holds the position of Head Buyer at the Toronto-based family discount store.

Early life

Little is known about Monte’s early life, as he chooses to keep a low profile while maintaining a private personal and family life.


Brands Gone Wild is a Toronto-based retailer focusing on fashion and merchandise and has established itself as a provider of budget-friendly products. Spearheading the success of the enterprise is Frank Monte, a leader who plays an essential role in shaping the business.

As the head buyer of Brands Gone Wild, Frank Monte assumes the responsibility of managing the intricate web of inventory procurement. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of what customers want, he orchestrates alignment between what merchandise is available as well as the ever-changing demands of his customers. Under Frank’s guidance, the company has consistently stayed ahead of market trends, thus fuelling Brands Gone Wild’s growth.

What sets Brands Gone Wild apart from the competition is embracing the “event-based sales” approach, allowing customers to indulge in fun shopping events and benefit from savings at the same time.

The heart of the company’s success hedges on the concept of “opportunity buying,” a philosophy developed and upheld by Frank Monte and his team. This concept involves sourcing and securing deals on products that resonate with the current trends and desires of the customers. To date, Frank and his team have consistently delivered on providing top-quality products for reasonable prices.

In his role as the Head Buyer, Frank Monte is in charge of executing the company’s procurement strategy. He’s in charge of navigating the landscape of the fashion world while identifying emerging trends. With his foresight, Brands Gone Wild has been able to stay ahead of the curve, making them a popular destination for fashion lovers looking for a good deal.

Throughout his career, Frank Monte has been a driving force behind Brands Gone Wild’s success.

Net Worth

Frank Monte’s net worth isn’t public information.


Frank Monte has been at the forefront of Brand’s Gone Wild’s procurement strategy, a successful retailer that has been present in the retail space for three decades.