David Menzies


David Menzies is a Canadian-born journalist and broadcaster known for his muckraking, confrontational style of reporting. He’s worked for more than 30 years for organizations such as Sun News and Rebel News. He currently hosts Rebel Roundup.

Early life

David Menzies was raised in Toronto. He has revealed little information about his personal life, including his age and educational background.


Menzies worked in various capacities within Canadian media. His roles included reporting, editing, and producing content for different media outlets. He has been involved in both print and broadcast journalism. Notably, he was a reporter for The Toronto Sun News.

Menzies gained significant attention after joining Rebel News, a Canadian far-right media website known for its conservative and often controversial content. At Rebel News, he has been involved in creating and hosting video segments and writing articles. His work often focuses on political commentary, with a specific interest in issues concerning free speech, immigration, gender ideology, Islamic terrorism, and the overreach of government. He has been accused by the left of promoting hate speech and hateful ideologies while being praised on the right as a champion of socially conservative views.

Menzies is known for his confrontational style of journalism, often engaging directly with subjects he is reporting on. This approach has garnered both support and criticism. He has been attacked and arrested for confronting politicians, public figures, and left-wing protestors on several occasions, incidents which have garnered him support from far-right figures including Elon Musk. Supporters appreciate his directness and willingness to challenge mainstream narratives, while critics argue that his methods can be provocative, biased, and attention-seeking.

His outlet, Rebel News, is modeled after the U.S.-based Breitbart News, an alt-right platform known for executing publicity stunts to provoke outrage and attack ideological enemies in the public sphere.

On January 8, 2024, Menzies was arrested for assault after confronting Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on the sidewalk with questions about condemning Islamic terrorism. The arrest was captured on video and has sparked outrage online. He was later released. He was also arrested in 2021 at an event with Prime Minister Trudeau in Toronto, and again in 2021 after raising homophobic questions with gay Conservative deputy leader Melissa Lantsman and being blocked from further questions by her team.

Menzies is known for his willingness to become an “attack dog” for right-wing controversial views, but his style has been called unprofessional and bordering on harassment.

Net Worth

The net worth is unknown.