Zahra Al-Harazi

Zahra Al-Harazi, the founder of Skillit.

Early life

Born in 1970 in Kampala, Uganda, Zahra faced the challenges of displacement when her entire family, forced to leave as refugees, arrived in Yemen with just seven dollars concealed in her father’s shoes. At the age of 17, Zahra entered into marriage, and following her resilience during the Yemen civil war, she immigrated to Canada in 1996. As a mother of three young children and without any formal education.

During her early years, Zahra had to navigate a society that upheld traditional gender roles. These difficulties, nonetheless, created the groundwork for her future ventures.


Al-Harazi’s professional background demonstrates. Her first venture into the business world was a tiny tech startup. Her company’s success was driven by her inventive thinking and persistence in the face of initial setbacks.

Interests have evolved as she has range of fields including e-commerce, renewable energy, and sustainable technology. Her founding companies that not only prospered financially but also made beneficial contributions to the environment and society.

Through this project, she was able to demonstrate her dedication to both sustainability.

Leadership style is distinguished by flexibility, and a hands-on methodology. She made a name for herself in the business world by encouraging an innovative culture in the companies she led.

Her narrative highlights the significance of fusing financial success with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility,

Net Worth



Here are some highlights:

Pioneer in Sustainable Business Practices: Zara Al-Harazi's commitment to sustainability earned her recognition as a leading advocate for green technologies.
Innovative Renewable Energy Projects: Zara spearheaded groundbreaking projects in the renewable energy sector, showcasing her dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives.
Philanthropic Contributions: Actively supports initiatives empowering women in business and education, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility.
Mentorship Advocate: Zara's involvement in mentorship programs underscores her belief in creating opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Recipient of Prestigious Awards: Zara has received awards and honors in various categories, solidifying her status as a leader and influencer.
Advocacy for Positive Change: Zara uses her social media platform to amplify voices advocating for positive societal and environmental change.