Universal Events Inc.

Universal Events Inc. is a communications and marketing firm that specializes in providing back-end support to nonprofits and ethical businesses.


Universal Events Inc. was founded by entrepreneur Harmony Vallejo after she took off a few years of work to care for her family. Driven by a desire to help others, she founded Universal Events Inc. to fill a niche gap in the marketplace of nonprofits.


Universal Events Inc. supports Nonprofit organizations by managing their administrative tasks, fundraising endeavors, and marketing strategies. Assuming these responsibilities allows these organizations to concentrate fully on their core programs. A key goal is to enhance public awareness of these nonprofits, fostering increased monthly donor engagement and strengthening their brand recognition.

Through a strategic and innovative approach, Universal Events Inc. consistently delivers exceptional results for their clients by ensuring regular, high-level exposure. This method has demonstrated significant effectiveness in generating unparalleled outcomes.

The driving force behind Universal Events' collaboration with charitable entities is their profound passion for cultivating a better and safer world for future generations. They strongly believe in the power and responsibility each individual holds to create positive change, even through the smallest actions. However, it's the collective efforts of the Universal Events team that enable them to make a significant and lasting impact.

The accomplishments of Universal Events can be attributed to the outstanding leadership steering the organization. With over two decades of industry experience, the owner of Universal Events has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise while working with diverse portfolios. This proficiency instills confidence in their ability to lead others toward success.




TILLY’S CONTRIBUTION: In partnership with the Stars & Stripes Children’s Foundation, Tilly’s made a matched donation to support students enrolled in TLC’s Phase 1 – the "I Am Me" Social Emotional Learning Program. This charity offers holistic programs, delivering interactive lessons on resilience, self-worth, effective communication, and fostering a positive mindset. The donation is intended to aid students attending several continuation schools in Orange County, California, including Silverado, Union, Valley Vista, and Back Bay High Schools.

THE FOSTER CARE INITIATIVE: Universal Events Inc. From the Office of the Executive Director at East Bay Children’s Law Offices: our organization caters to nearly all of Alameda County’s foster youth, spanning from ages 0 to 21. We extend legal advocacy and support within and beyond the courtroom. Our philanthropic funding supports various crucial initiatives, including our CARE Program (Community-based Advocacy for Resources and Education). This program covers essential aspects that state funding might not encompass, such as education advocacy, support for youth entangled in legal issues, commercial or sexual exploitation, those with high mental health needs, and our youngest clients.