Trevor Koverko


Trevor Koverko is a former professional hockey player whose career path changed dramatically after a life-changing vehicle accident.

Early life

Trevor Koverko was drafted by the New York Rangers in the 2005 NHL entry draft and he had an accomplished career as a junior and pro hockey player. But this chapter of his life ended shortly after he experienced a serious car accident in 2011, while he was still in his twenties. The collision with a fully loaded transport truck on the Ontario 401 nearly ended his life. The accident was so severe that the entire highway was forced to shut down for several hours following the collision.

After multiple attempts to airlift him to the local hospital, the medical staff realized Koverko was paralyzed on the left side of his body. A neurologist would later warn his parents that there was a chance that he would never be the same again, physically and mentally. He was diagnosed with a “catastrophic” brain injury and was considered to be disabled.

Understandably, this period of his life was his darkest hour, exchanging the world of professional hockey with the painful process of re-learning how to walk, think, and be self-sufficient again. So began an intense, multi-year rehabilitation led by a team of occupational, and speech-language therapists, along with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses. After thousands of hours of rehabilitation, Koverko was able to enroll in school and pursue a degree in business.

After graduating from Ivey Business School at Western University and visiting centers of industry and innovation across the world, including Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and China, Koverko began exploring opportunities in cryptocurrency. He learned everything he could about this newly emerging industry and began creating and investing in companies in the blockchain space.


In 2017, Trevor Koverko founded Polymath, a company that would soon revolutionize security tokens used in cryptocurrency transactions. Polymath offered safe, secure trading of securities on the blockchain – a dramatic leap forward in innovation. These security tokens are backed by tangible assets and are ideal for facilitating compliance with global security laws, maintaining constant liquidity, and expediting instant settlements. This platform is paving the way for organizations around the world to roll out new products and services in the cryptocurrency sector.

Trevor Koverko traces the start of his crypto career to the day he bought his first bitcoin on eBay. The rest is history. As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, he soon populated the cryptocurrency landscape with a variety of game-changing companies centered on blockchain technology. In addition to Polymath, these startups include, First Carbon, and Matador. Koverko believes advances in the blockchain will allow greater fairness, transparency and growth in worldwide financial transactions, providing an apolitical and democratic platform that can be accessed by anyone.

Net Worth

While his exact net worth isn’t publicly known, multiple sites speculate Koverko’s net worth is in the millions.


Trevor Koverko is a proud sponsor of important charitable organizations, including The Africa Inland Mission, Brynn Children Home of India, and Capes For Kids.