Stacey Hanke

Stacey Hanke is the CEO of her own consulting and training company, Stacey Hankey, Inc. Possessing an entrepreneurial background, Stacey has built her business around the importance of consistent messaging and interaction in achieving success for her clients.

Transitioning from a voice-over career, Stacey entered corporate training for Fortune 500 companies. She mentors executives and sales professionals to better achieve authentic resonance with their clients. Stacey has been featured in high-profile media outlets due to her high-profile clientele, including executives with FedEx, McDonald’s, and Google

Early life

Stacey Hanke grew up on a family farm with an emphasis on hard work, perseverance, and authenticity from her family and surroundings. She credits her upbringing with understanding the importance of clear, effective communication in building connections and accomplishing goals efficiently.


She founded Stacey Hanke Inc. as a means to harness her expertise on the power of effective communication. The firm has had success with empowering leaders and professionals with the skills to communicate authentically and persuasively.

In her roles as CEO and industry communication expert, Hanke has cultivated a reputation for delivering transformative training programs that enable individuals and organizations to unlock their full communications potential. Through personalized coaching, workshops, and keynote presentations, she equips her clients with practical strategies to enhance their presence, influence, and impact in business interactions.

Beyond her corporate engagements, Hanke has made significant contributions to the broader speaking community as an author, speaker, and thought leader. She shared her insights on influence, leadership, and effective communication through two influential books: Influence Redefined…Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday® and Yes You Can! Everything You Need From A To Z To Influence Others To Take Action. These publications serve as resources for individuals seeking to enhance their communication skills and lead with authenticity.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the speaking profession, Stacey Hanke was honored with induction into the National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame in 2022. This accolade, bestowed upon less than 200 speakers worldwide, underscores Hanke’s high-profile impact and influence in the fields of communication, business, and leadership coaching.

Net Worth



Stacey Hanke's achievements in the field of communication and leadership have been widely recognized. In addition to the honor of having been inducted into the National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Hanke has received widespread acclaim for her innovative approach to communication training. Her books have garnered critical acclaim and solidified her reputation as a leading authority in the fields of communication and leadership.
As a sought-after speaker and emcee in corporate circles, Hanke has appeared at many prestigious events, including a number of Tedx conferences. Her speaking success has attracted media attention and her expertise has been featured in top-tier media outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, further cementing her status as a thought leader in communication and leadership.
Hanke's life and career reflect her determination to achieve excellence in leadership consultation through the ability to communicate authentically. Having come from an entrepreneurial family environment, Hanke was instilled with the values of maintaining constant connectivity to acquire success.
Her international research on the subject of consequential leaders and their ability to act as effective communicators formed a basis for her business model. As CEO, Hanke is a sought-after coach for training influential leaders from around the world. She appears frequently in both national and international media outlets as an expert on leadership and communication.