Serge Robichaud is a bilingual financial professional, fluent in both English and French. He is well-regarded for his ethical approach to financial planning and his exceptional ability to manage client accounts.


Currently, Serge Robichaud serves as a financial advisor at Canada Life & Quadrus Investments, where he offers financial planning advice, manages client investments and insurance policies, and provides invaluable insights to his clients. Prior to this, he worked in the banking industry for over a decade, where he offered financial planning services and managed over 600 client accounts at Scotiabank. He was also responsible for occasional management responsibilities.

Robichaud’s experience, language proficiency, and broad range of financial planning experience make him a valuable asset to his clients. He is passionate about guiding his clients toward achieving their financial goals and providing them with valuable insights and advice.

When he's not working, Robichaud is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time in nature. He enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and camping, and he often takes weekend trips to explore the beautiful natural surroundings of his home in New Brunswick.

Robichaud is also an experienced fisherman who has spent countless hours casting lines and reeling in catches. He often shares his expertise with friends and family, taking them out on fishing trips and teaching them the tricks of the trade.

In addition to fishing, Serge Robichaud also enjoys hiking and camping. He loves exploring new trails and discovering hidden natural gems and finds that hiking is a great way to clear his mind and stay in shape. When he's camping, he enjoys unplugging technology and spending quality time with loved ones.


  • Holds a life license designation.
  • Completed the second examination of the Chartered Financial Analyst program, as well as financial planning courses.
  • Received several certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute.

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Moncton New Brunswick