Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson is a renowned figure in the world of motorsport, known for his exceptional skills and contributions to the racing industry. As the founder of Thomson Motorsport, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s success and establishing himself as a prominent name in the motorsport community.

Early life

Born and raised in a small town, Peter Thomson developed a passion for motorsports at a young age. Growing up, he was fascinated by the speed, precision, and technical aspects of racing, which fueled his determination to pursue a career in this exhilarating field.


Peter Thomson embarked on his racing journey by participating in local competitions, gradually showcasing his talent and dedication. With each race, he honed his skills and earned recognition for his remarkable performance on the track. This propelled him towards the vision of establishing his own motorsport team.

In pursuit of his dream, Peter founded Thomson Motorsport, a team dedicated to excellence in various motorsport disciplines. Under his leadership and expertise, the team quickly gained prominence and began competing in renowned racing events around the world. Thomson Motorsport has since become synonymous with professionalism, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of victory.

Net Worth

Peter Thomson’s net worth isn’t publicly known.


Throughout his illustrious career, Peter Thomson has achieved remarkable feats both as a driver and team owner. His dedication, technical prowess, and strategic mindset have propelled him and Thomson Motorsport to great heights. Some of his notable achievements include podium finishes in prestigious racing competitions, championships in various categories, and the development of innovative racing technologies.

His achievements in races include:

Participated in WRC Corona Rally
Mexico 2006 Canadian National Champions 2005
Ontario National Champions 2005
North American Rally Cup Group N Champions 2003
Ontario Performance Rally Champions 2003
1st at 2002 Silverstone Black Bear Rally
1st in Group N at 2002 STPR Rally