Mike Walsh

As a visionary futurist and author, Mike Walsh has spent over two decades exploring how emerging technologies shape society, business, and leadership. Since the early days of his digital consulting career, he has focused on the forces driving the future of work. Through bestselling books like “Futuretainment” and “The Algorithmic Leader,” Walsh has explained the impact of technology on the ways people work within several industries. Now a keynote speaker, he addresses global audiences with a vision of the future and offers actionable strategies for digital work. With a focus on large organizations, he works with leaders to embrace and integrate innovations and capitalize on the opportunities of technologies.

Early life

Mike Walsh’s interest in technology and futurism started in his childhood, stemming from a fascination with the potential of the technologies being released at the time. He started out pursuing a career in corporate law, but his passion for innovation led him to explore management consulting. Within this field, he found a calling in pursuing the impact of digital innovations for organizations and large corporations.


Mike Walsh’s career shows his drive to understand and deal with the challenges that come with disruptive technological change. He started at XT3, a trailblazing digital consulting company, where he learned valuable lessons about using the Internet to transform businesses. Excited by the fast-paced digital world, Walsh decided to start his own company, internet.com, in Australia. It quickly became a top source for technology news and events.

Walsh built on this early success by launching Jupiter Research in Asia Pacific. This move established him as an expert in following the development of e-commerce and digital business models. His strategic thinking and visionary approach got the attention of News Corporation, where he was instrumental in developing the digital plans of well-known media companies. During his time there, Walsh’s knowledge of Asia’s rapidly expanding markets set the stage for his first book, “Futuretainment.” The book was praised for its prescient take on how digital technology would affect media and marketing.

Today, as the CEO of Tomorrow, Walsh remains at the cutting edge of digital transformation. He guides Fortune 500 companies through the intricacies of disruptive technological change. His work as a keynote speaker, consultant, and author highlights his dedication to helping organizations succeed in the 21st century. Walsh is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has given over a thousand presentations around the world. Audiences leave his talks feeling inspired and armed with practical insights for navigating the digital age.

Net Worth



Mike Walsh is a recognized voice on disruptive innovation and digital transformation. His insights come from over two decades of exploring how emerging technologies shape society, business, and leadership. Since the early days of consulting on digitization, and later founding his own firm, Walsh has revealed a deep understanding of the forces molding the future of labor and institutions.
Major publications internationally have showcased Walsh’s perspectives on developing technologies and interruptive trends. His commentary has focused on the future interplay of business, technology, and civilization. Walsh has also produced several acclaimed literary works examining these topics, establishing his reputation as an authority in this space.
Through advising, presenting, and writing, Walsh has guided many executives grappling with radical innovation and steering the digital era. As technology continues its rapid pace of evolution, Walsh’s expertise offers invaluable context for organizations determined to adapt. Walsh continues to investigate how novel innovations impact enterprise and leadership, aiming to help institutions respond to unrelenting change. While not immune to hype cycles, his balanced insights contribute meaningful perspectives to discussions of emerging developments.