Michael P. Kraft

Toronto, Canada

Michael Kraft is a leading Canadian entrepreneur whose ambition, experience and talents have led to the creation of more than a half dozen successful companies. From finance to energy, his strategic vision has transformed industries, optimized profits, captured market share and established a global presence for high-growth Canadian businesses.

Early life

A native of Ontario, Michael Kraft graduated with a B.A. in Economics from York University in 1985. He has also studied at Harvard Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School and the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.


Michael Kraft’s success in business is founded on a quarter century of experience. He’s developed his skills in strategic planning, corporate development and financing, framing a company vision that inspires businesses to higher levels of success.

Current projects include leadership roles at Buckingham Group Limited, Cannabio Inc., KPK & Partners Co. Inc., MTI Energy Inc. and CannaEuro Group SGPS, S.A.

As chairman of Buckingham Group Limited, a privately-owned merchant bank, he seeks out investment opportunities in a range of industrial sectors, including life sciences, natural resources and technology. For business clients, he creates capital formation strategies and secures financing. He has also been part of interim and permanent management teams for new and emerging companies. In many cases, he serves as a board director or advisor board member for these companies.

Michael Kraft is also co-founder and director of REIN Capital Corp., a privately-owned merchant bank that specializes in financing, investment and advisory services in the resource, energy and infrastructure development sectors.

Among his many roles in the company over the past decade, he actively contributed to negotiations centered on oil development projects in Africa.

Michael Kraft is also a partner with MTI Energy, Inc., an energy company located in the heart of Canada’s resource-rich Oil Patch. The company is focused on the acquisition and development of proven and producing oilfields and investment in renewables. It is an affiliate of Service Angels Inc., a drilling and well intervention services company. MTI Energy has developed proprietary systems to accelerate the development of oil fields at marginal cost.

From 2014 to 2021 Michael Kraft served as chairman of Entourage Health Corp, a company he founded as WeedMD Inc. It is the parent company of Entourage Brands Corp., a license holder producing and distributing cannabis products for medical and recreational use.

Among his many achievements at Entourage, he led the merger transaction with Starseed Medicinal Inc. in late 2019 and early 2020, which included an original $25 million strategic investment and follow-on investments from the $8 billion LiUNA Pension Fund.

Michael Kraft is also co-founder, strategic advisor and former chairman of Everybody Loves Languages Corp, an edtech language-learning and content development company that helps educators transition from traditional teaching methods to digital learning.

The company created a state-of-the-art technology platform that delivers personalized learning experiences in classrooms and online. Its content development arm, Lingo Learning, co-publishes print-based English language learning materials in China. Since 2000, Lingo Media has co-published more than 831 million textbooks in China.

Michael Kraft is also co-founder and former director of Delta Trade & Investment Corporation, a private equity advisory group. During his tenure, from 1990 to 1996, his achievements included securing over US$50 Million in equity financing for infrastructure projects in China prior to the company being absorbed by the lead investor, Conseco Capital (the private equity investment arm of Conseco Inc.) as its private equity investment vehicle for China.

Net Worth



Michael Kraft’s many directorships and advisory roles include MTI Energy Inc., REIN Capital Corp., Cannabio Inc., MaCanna Corporation, SetaPharm Inc., Safeguard Biosystems Holdings Ltd., Far North Initiatives Corp., Saville Row Capital Limited and Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, where he serves as Chairman of the National Board.