Matt Choi

Matt Choi CMT is a Toronto-based professional trader, mentor and best-selling author. He is best known as the founder of Certus Trading Inc., a trading education company focused on teaching students practical strategies that work in real-world market conditions.

Early life

Matt Choi attended boarding school at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario, then pursued a degree in Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, graduating in 1998. He received an MBA from McMaster University in 2000 with a focus on Innovation and New Technology.

Choi began trading on his own in 2001, and received an influential mentorship from the late George Fontanills – a relationship that has guided him as a trader and as a mentor himself. Choi has often emphasized that his trading knowledge and expertise are the result of personal experience and self-directed learning in the financial markets rather than a formal education in finance.


Choi held a corporate position with a healthcare company, then purchased a Hyundai dealership in Oakville which won multiple Manufacturer’s President’s Award for top customer service in the country. Choi sold the dealership for seven figures, Choi founded Certus Trading in 2011 with the goal of helping traders and investors achieve consistent profits with stocks, ETFs, options, swing trading, currencies, commodities, and financial futures. Choi received his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certification in 2011.

Choi describes himself as a self-taught, professional trader, specializing in options, commodities, and financial futures. His approach to trading emphasizes technical analysis, market psychology, and the development of personal trading strategies tailored to individual risk tolerance and financial goals.

Choi gained extensive experience trading his own accounts and developing strategies that he claims have proven successful across different market conditions.

Certus Trading offers a variety of courses and programs that cover different aspects of trading, including options trading, technical analysis, and strategy development. Matt Choi is the main instructor at Certus Trading, where he shares his trading strategies, insights, and experiences with his students.

Choi’s trading philosophy emphasizes discipline, risk management, and the continuous development of trading skills. He advocates for a strategic approach to trading, where decisions are based on thorough analysis and a clear understanding of market dynamics rather than emotions or speculative impulses.

Choi contributes to the trading community through articles, blog posts, and webinars on the Certus Trading website. These resources focus on trading strategies, market analysis, and practical advice for traders. In 2014, he co-authored The Winning Way: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Share How They are Winning in Life and Business and You Can Too! Choi contributed a chapter called “Three Psychological Mindsets You Must Have to Beat Wall Street”. The book was an immediate best-seller on Amazon, with co-authors including Brian Tracy. The authors agree to donate royalties to the Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

Choi is recognized in the trading community for his practical approach to trading education and his commitment to helping traders achieve their goals. Through Certus Trading, he continues to offer resources and training programs designed to equip traders with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the financial markets successfully.

Net Worth

Matt Choi’s net worth is unknown at this time.


Co-Author of Amazon Best-Seller The Winning Way - Celebrity Press 2014 Founder of Certus Trading, a leading trading school