Lawrence Stroll

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Lawrence Sheldon Strulović (born 11 July 1959), best known as Lawrence Stroll, is a Canadian billionaire businessman in Montreal, Quebec.

Early life

He was born to a Jewish family in Montreal, Quebec, and is the son of fashion importer Leo Strulovitch. Little else is recorded of his early life, including his childhood.


Stroll made his fortune by selling his shares in Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. He also masterminded the latter’s hugely successful IPO alongside Hong Kong tycoon Silas Chou in 2011. Stroll bough the Formula One racing team Force India in 2018 (now known as Racing Point f1 Team) and, since early 2020, is now part owner of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. This happened after he led a £182m investment in Aston Martin for a 20% stake in the company, becoming executive chairman in the process. He hasn’t completely left the world of fashion behind however, and still has shares in London jeweler Asprey & Garrard.

Net Worth

Lawrence Stroll’s net worth is valued at: 2.9 billion According to Forbes, he is 956th on the business magazine’s Billionaires 2021 list. As part of the deal, Stroll’s Formula One team, Racing Point, was rebranded as the Aston Martin Team, marking the brand’s return to Formula One after 60 years. His 23-year-old son, Lance Stroll is one of the youngest members to compete in Formula One drives for Aston Martin.