Ed Rempel

GTA, Ontario

As a certified financial planner and popular blogger, Ed Rempel has always wanted to help his clients find financial freedom. Rempel is a financial blogger with 26 years of experience as a financial planner (CFP® Professional) and 36 years as an accountant (CPA, CMA). He steadfastly disapproves of what he calls “financial quackery” – an approach to financial planning he says is only meant to make you feel good. Instead, he prefers to provide practical financial advice that works.

Early life

Ed Rempel is a future forward-facing person and hasn’t openly discussed much of his early life online.


Ed Rempel is a certified financial planner certified by the Financial Planners Standards Council and has an accountant certification from the Professional Accountants of Ontario. He also completed the Certified Hedge Fund Specialist program with the highest mark in Canada. For more than two decades, Rempel has helped Canadians with creating proper, professional financial plans. Currently, he runs a website, YouTube Channel and podcast under the name Unconventional Wisdom, where he writes about financial guidance-related strategies and provides fee-for-service advice.

The Unconventional Wisdom website is also where Rempel describes financial strategies he has become known for, including the Smith Manoeuvre, Lifecycle Investing, Rempel Maximum and 8-Year GIS strategies.

Prior to running Unconventional Wisdom, Rempel enjoyed serving as an accountant for various institutions. He served as Controller at Simmons Canada for twelve years and also worked as an accountant for Winnipeg Building and Decorating, Settlers Saving and Mortgage Corporation, as well as the Bank of Canada. As a prolific writer, Rempel is very passionate about sharing his insights with his audience. Disillusioned by the conventional wisdom typically spouted by financial planners and the media, Rempel prefers financial strategies that ensure results.

He often provides guest posts for leading financial publications such as Million Dollar Journey, Investment Executive, MoneySaver Magazine, Build Wealth Canada podcast, Retire Happy, and Yahoo Finance. He has also written for The Globe and Mail, the National Post, The Tax Letter, Findependence HUB, and more.

Ed Rempel also provides interviews and records videos offering financial planning advice, priding himself on authoring and delivering engaging, accessible content that can be relevant even to those with little or no interest in learning about finance.

Net Worth

Ed Rempel’s net worth isn’t publicly known.


#1 financial blog in Canada for a full-service financial planner
“Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog” by Expertido, 2019
Awarded #15 in Top Personal Finance Blogs in Canada, 2020
Awarded #21 Top 80 Personal Finance Blog by Feedspot, 2023
Awarded #33 Top 70 Money Influencers in Canada, 2023