Clinton Orr

Clinton Orr is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager with CG Wealth Management. He has built strong relationships with his clients and has earned multiple designations, including designations in financial planning, investment management, and derivatives markets.

Early life

At an early age, Orr knew he wanted to pursue a career that would combine his love for numbers with his passion for helping people.

“The first item on my Christmas list when I was eight years old? A calculator. I suppose that was a pretty clear indicator that I was headed to a career in numbers. My dad is an accountant, so I guess the apple did not fall too far from the tree,” said Orr in an interview. “After high school, I attended the I.H Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba.”

During his tenure at university, Orr managed to juggle his studies with a part-time job at Bieber Securities. This experience was valuable to him as it allowed him to gain practical knowledge while also honing his academic skills. Orr took advantage of his opportunity to broaden his knowledge by pursuing additional courses, which eventually led to him earning his current designations.


Clinton Orr is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager at CG Wealth Management with over 18 years of experience in the finance industry. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and multiple designations in financial planning, investment management, and derivatives markets.

Orr’s approach to financial management is based on a pension plan approach, where he develops a plan for each client and manages their investments to minimize volatility and provide consistent returns. His goal is to ensure his older clients have peace of mind throughout their senior years.

Helping people is the most enjoyable part of Orr’s job. His efforts have built strong connections between him and his clients, relationships that make his job worth coming to every single day.

Orr’s “Financial Architecture” process involves constructing a solid financial house through a comprehensive five-step approach that treats finances like building a new home.

The first step is creating a financial vision by starting with the end in mind and identifying the financial goals to achieve. The second step involves drawing a detailed blueprint to map out all the necessary details, such as when to draw down RRSP, when to take CPP, and how to minimize tax on the estate. This blueprint acts as a guide to achieving financial goals and building a solid financial house.

The third step is building a solid foundation by implementing the plan and constructing the estate and insurance plans, often with the help of lawyers and accountants. The fourth step involves constructing the framework by addressing tax planning and retirement planning to ensure work pensions, personal savings, and government pensions work together to create a tax-efficient income in retirement. The blueprint guides this process.

The fifth and final step is interior design, which involves setting up a unique investment portfolio to match financial goals. This step is guided by the work done in the previous steps.

When Orr isn’t working, he participates in a number of charitable initiatives, including one both he and his wife started together – the Pet Life Animal Fund. The couple loves animals and owns multiple pets of their own in rural Manitoba. Orr also practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which he started in his thirties.


Through his charitable initiative, The Pet Life Animal Fund, Orr and his wife have been able to provide thousands of dollars to shelters, allowing many pets to receive necessary veterinary care.