Cheryl Cran

An esteemed futurist, keynote presenter and author, Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™ and the CEO of Synthesis at Work Inc. Cheryl has committed her consulting efforts to furnishing organizations and individuals with the necessary tools to navigate the future of work. Employing a pragmatic yet optimistic perspective, Cheryl aids leaders in proactively managing, guiding, and transforming workplaces.

Early life

Cheryl Margaret Cran is the daughter of David Chouinard and Joanne Hildebrand. In 1980, she fronted the Penticton, BC rock ensemble Elan as lead vocalist. She holds a Communications, Leadership, and Organizational Development degree from Rockhurst University. She also completed the Exponential Innovation program at Singularity University.

Cheryl held roles as a senior leader within both the banking and insurance industries. Her performance in these sectors led to an internship at a prestigious consulting firm, leading her to establish her own consultancy in the late 1990s. Over time, Cheryl’s practice has thrived, serving distinguished clients who consistently achieve success through their collaboration with her.


Chery Cran’s decades-long career is characterized by her passionate pursuit of understanding, analyzing, and preparing her audiences and consulting clients for the future of work. Throughout her career, Cheryl has held various roles, each contributing to her vast knowledge and expertise in organizational communications and development, leadership, and change management.

Her journey began with a fascination with the intersection of human behaviour and technological advancements, leading her to establish Synthesis at Work, Inc., a pioneering company dedicated to helping organizations thrive in the digital age.

As NextMapping™’s founder, Cheryl pioneered a unique approach to anticipating and navigating future trends, empowering leaders to proactively shape their organizations’ destinies. A globally recognized expert, Cheryl’s perspective is highly valued by CEOs and their teams, equipping them with skills to identify emerging business opportunities, discern success patterns, and respond rapidly to emerging trends and evolving business challenges.

With some insightful keynote speeches, Cheryl has inspired individuals and teams to focus on change, adopt new strategies, and use technology to drive growth in whatever domain they want to focus on. Cheryl’s impact goes beyond the boardrooms, as she contributes to the global conversation on the future of work through writing, speaking engagements, and thought leadership initiatives.

Cran is married to Reg Cran, with whom she has a daughter. She is the stepmother to Cran’s two sons.

Net Worth



A pioneer in the ever-evolving field of the “future of work”, Cheryl Cran's thought leadership and global influence have earned widespread recognition from industry peers and organizations. Named the #1 Future of Work Influencer by Onalytica and one of the top ten experts by GoCatalant for her renowned insights, Cheryl also received TMI Global's Consultant of the Year award for outstanding organizational and leadership development contributions.
In 2021, she was inducted into the Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame, honoring her impactful speaking and thought leadership. Cheryl has presented her work at universities worldwide, including UBC, Victoria, Duke Singapore, Hawaii, Douglas College, and the Association of Colleges US. Publications like Fast Company, Forbes, and Entrepreneur have featured her work.
Beyond professional accomplishments, Cheryl empowers individuals and organizations amid rapid change and technological disruption. Her research spotlights emerging Future of Work trends, challenges, and opportunities, providing practical strategies for navigating this evolving landscape.
Cheryl is the past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
The author of 10 books, with bestsellers on the future of work, change leadership, and engaging multi-generational workforces, Cheryl's thought-provoking speeches and workshops inspire global audiences to embrace change and build resilience.
Drawing from over 20 years of expertise spanning the future of work, hybrid workplaces, digital transformation, and change leadership strategies, Cheryl delivers valuable insights, knowledge, and inspiration through keynotes, retreats, and coaching. Fueled by beliefs in business as a transformative force and optimism about human potential, she has empowered worldwide leaders and teams, fostering personal growth and inspirational leadership to navigate rapidly changing hybrid, AI-driven workplaces