Certus Trading

Certus Trading is a trading education company founded by professional trader Matt Choi CMT. It is designed to offer comprehensive training and resources to traders of all experience levels, focusing on developing strategies that can be applied across various market conditions. 


Certus Trading aims to empower traders by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed trading decisions. The company offers a variety of educational programs, courses, and webinars that cover a wide range of topics, including options trading, technical analysis, commodities, and financial futures. 

The company was founded by Matt Choi CMT, a self-taught professional trader with over two decades of trading experience. Choi established Certus Trading with the goal of sharing his trading strategies and insights, which he developed through years of personal trading experience. As the main instructor, Choi is actively involved in developing course materials and teaching.

Certus Trading's philosophy centers on the belief that successful trading is based on knowledge, discipline, and a well-constructed strategy. The company emphasizes the importance of understanding market psychology, technical analysis, and risk management as foundational elements for building a profitable trading career.

Certus Trading offers a range of courses designed to cater to different aspects of trading. These courses often include video lessons, trading tools, and live trading examples. Key areas of focus include: - Options Trading: Strategies for trading options, including how to leverage small market movements for potential profits. - Technical Analysis: Understanding chart patterns, trends, and indicators to make informed trading decisions. - Advanced Trading Strategies: Courses designed for more experienced traders, focusing on complex strategies and market analysis techniques.

In addition to educational courses, Certus Trading provides members with regular market insights, trading opportunities, and access to a community of like-minded traders.

Certus Trading targets a broad audience, from beginners who are new to the financial markets to experienced traders looking to enhance their skills and strategies. The company's courses are structured to provide a learning path that participants can follow at their own pace, depending on their experience level and trading goals.

Certus Trading positions itself as a resource for traders seeking to improve their trading skills and knowledge. Through its comprehensive educational programs and the expertise of its founder, Matt Choi, the company strives to contribute to the success of traders in the ever-changing financial markets. While specific outcomes can vary, Certus Trading's commitment to quality education and strategic trading is central to its mission.